Thursday, December 14, 2017

Number of national races likely to be reduced

15 December 2017
Union Minister Thein Swe of Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Manpower said that the number of national races is not likely to increase to more than the currently prescribed 135 races in the forthcoming census data.

“It is likely to be less than the current ones because some complained that some of them are overlapping,” Union Minister Thein Swe said.

Union Minister Thein Swe was speaking to reporters at the Ceremony of Successful Completion of Collecting Nationwide Census and Household Data when he was asked about the number of national races which is yet to be released.

The release of data on number of national races is delayed as some of them are overlapping and some races wanted to be separated.

“We cannot release the list of national races yet as we have to complete some works in this regard. We are trying our best to release this list as soon as possible,” Union Minister Thein Swe said.

The government has released census data based on collection of census by age, data on education, data on economy, employment, lifestyle, disability, migration, birth and death.

According to the census collected in 2014 when President Thein Sein’s government was in power, the country’s population was 51.48 millions.

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