Sunday, October 9, 2016

RSO Terrorists Kill Nine Myanmar Border Guard Police And Seized Weapons

By KMT / Thar Le Zwa
The official has confirmed that nine security members of Myanmar Border Guard Police were killed and many were wounded on an attack by RSO terrorists (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) on early Sunday morning.
“Yes, it’s true that the three border posts were attacked at around 1:30 am – the BGP Header Quarter of Kyi Kan Pyin, the border outpost of Nga Khu Ra and the outpost of Koe Tan Kauk. The attack has been about two hours by exchanging fire,” said Kyaw Mya Win, the superintendent of police of Maungdaw Township.

According to official sources, the attacks in the same time took place in the three border posts including the Header Quarter of Myanmar Border Guard Police at Saturday night (around 1:30 
am local time) in Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, Myanmar.
The RSO armed terrorists about 50 members gathered at home of local Muslim leader, then they armed with guns, sticks and swords attacked and seized the Header Quarter of the Kyi Kan Pyin border guard outpost at around 1:30 am Sunday.
There were the 13 terrorists to attack and seized the Koe Tan Kauk outpost, and more than 30 terrorists attack on the Nga Khu Ra outpost.
The official said the attackers took more than 80 weapons and ammunition, and destroyed four bridges on the road from Kyi Kan Pyin outpost to Maungdaw.
According to local sources, there has been a firefight between the terrorists and security forces at round 2 pm on Sunday afternoon.
The security forces car to coordinate a response to the spot of the attack was also attacked with mine at the bridge no 4/2 on the way to Kyi Kan Pyin, but no one was injured.
There are the five injured including a male civilian and woman in Maundaw Township hospital, and one police security is still missing.
During the attack, seven terrorist members died and one was arrested alive by the security forces, and now it was under investigation.
The local Arakaese minority villagers feel too worry about the violent carried by the the RSO terrorists and trainee Bengali Muslim by the RSO. For many local Arakaese minority people were brutally killed and many villages were burnt in the 1942 and 2012 violent by Bengali Muslim in Maungdaw and Buthidaung Township.
Today evening the authority imposed dusk-to-dawn curfew – 7 pm evening to 6 am in the morning – in Maungdaw and Buthidaung Township.
Today evening at 7 pm (local time) the Ministry of Information of Myanmar is going to hold press conference regarding the attack.
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