Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ma Phyu: An Arakanese Love Story by An Arakanese

Ma Phyu: An Arakanese Love Story 
By An Arakanese

A glorious summer day was fast drawing to a close, in the year 1242 (Burmese Era) when two young men might have been seen wending their way along the Strand Road in Akyab. 

One was a smart looking youth with bright intelligent eyes, rather dark complexion, and a slight moustache.
He was well built, but by the side of his compassion, seemed somewhat below the average height.

His countenance was decidedly pleasing, frankness and animation beaming therefrom, and the soft evening twilight playing about his face, considerably improved his appearance.

His compassion was taller, fair, with massive forehead, rather small eyes, and a small brownish moustache. He wore slight whiskers - an unusual adornment among his country - and this, his style of dress, and his gait, caused him to be regarded as a "swell". They were now on the heart of the Strand where the Municipal Bazaar,  the Port Office, the offices of Mseers. Bulloch Brothers, Messrs. A. Woodward, and all the leading Jew shops are located. Lining the road again are piece-goods stalls whose proprietors are all natives of India driving the sons of the soil as if into the wood.
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