Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Singapore Red Cross pledges US$100,000 in relief for flood-hit Myanmar

A Singapore Red Cross team will be deployed to Myanmar to distribute the supplies such as food, medicine, blankets and clean drinking water.

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has pledged US$100,000 in relief aid and emergency item to flood-stricken Myanmar, it announced in a news release on Tuesday (Aug 4). 
Weeks of heavy monsoon rains there have affected more than 201,000 people. At least 47 people have died, according to the local government.
An SRC team will be deployed to Myanmar later this week to distribute the supplies, which include food, medicine, blankets, clean drinking water and hygiene kits.
“The prediction is for the heavy rains and strong winds to continue over the next few days and the situation could worsen,” said Benjamin William, SRC’s Secretary General and CEO.
“We remain in contact with the Myanmar Red Cross and International Federation of Red Cross to closely monitor the situation in affected areas, and to explore what else we can do to support the relief efforts.”
SRC has activated its Restoring Family Links hotline (+65 6664 0503) to assist the community in locating their immediate family members who may have been affected by the disaster. 
Myanmar has called for international aid to deal with the floods - a move that stands in sharp contrast to its response to Cyclone Nargis in 2008, when it refused outside help. 
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