The land that is known as Arakan by the foreigners is called Rakhaing-pray by its own people, Rakhaing-thar (Arakanese) who were titled this name in honour of preservation on their national heritage and ethics or morality.

Sagaing farming woes deepen

Posted by Arakan Indobhasa Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation has reported that Cyclone Komen has damaged most crops in Sagaing Region.

“In Mandalay Region, more than 24,000 acres have been damaged but more than 190,000 acres in Sagaing Region are flooded, of which over 18,000 acres have been destroyed,” said a ministry spokesman.

He claimed the ministry would assist with the re-cultivation of ruined land and provide assistance.

“We are investigating in Kanbalu and Kyunhla in Sagaing Region. Crops along the Mu River have been destroyed. We will meet the farmers in these regions and distribute rice strains for re-cultivation,” he added.


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