Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Natural Disaster Management

According to the United Nations, a natural disaster causes severe disruption to any organisation of people. Natural disasters damages lives, belongings, businesses and the environment, and they are out of the control of the organisation of people in question.
Red Cross organisations have defined Natural Disaster Management as taking charge and responsibility of preparation in order to mitigate the effects of disasters, emergency follow-up actions and rehabilitation works that are in line with humanitarian standards.
Natural disasters severely damage necessities such as healthcare services, provision of electrical power, water resources, sewage and rubbish filtration, transportation and communications. They cause both short-term and long-term damage to human communities. Poorly designed natural disaster management plans endanger not only victims but also rescue workers and volunteers.Organisations usually respond to a natural disaster on humanitarian grounds. They each have their own disaster management methods and contingency plans for when chaos strikes. It is important that these plans fulfil the criteria of prevention, preparation, mitigation and rehabilitation.
Preparations against natural disaster must all work toward the goal of reducing destruction to people’s lives. A design must always be there for the prevention of natural disasters in natural disaster management. Pre-existing evacuation plans that are in line with environmental standards will serve to reduce the amount of injuries and deaths. Preparedness is the best defence against the dangers of natural disasters.
Cooperation between different organisations is also required to reduce the effects of a natural calamity. Organisations can cooperate in rescue and relocation operations, distribution of supplies, prevention of injuries and spread of diseases, repairing telecommunication networks and transportation facilities and the provision of refuge and healthcare services.
It is important to note that even though the earliest difficulties brought on by disasters have passed, dangers still linger for victims as well as rescue personnel. In the rehabilitation process, basic infrastructure needs to be rebuilt, healthcare services must be re-established. In order to facilitate those two processes,various steps must be taken,includingdevelopinghuman resources and educating people on how to mitigate the effects of natural disasters.
Natural disaster management has a large effect on the economic growth and development of a nation. One can say that poor and mismanagement of natural disasters will hindera country’s development for a long stretch of time.
The Daily Eleven urges systematic and proper natural disaster management must be applied in the aftermath of the floods currently affecting Myanmar and in preparation for any future disasters that may arise.
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