Sunday, August 2, 2015

Flood situation in Kyauk Taw township needs urgent humanitarian aids for more than 15000 victims

After the continuing of heavy monsoon rain in Arakan and Chin state the Kaladan river water level became higher and higher which led to occurred an extensive flood almost entire the Kyauk Taw towship including villages situating near the river bank of the Kaladan river. Due to the flood and storm two peoples have been reportedly killed including a woman and an old man in Kyauk Taw town confirmed a relief provider from Kyauk Taw town. According to a social worker Zaw Worn's facebook page from Kyauk Taw, about more than 15000 peoples from nearly 20 villages are affected by the floods and currently facing with the scarcity of foods,health care, drinking water. The victims are sheltering at the different local monasteries and they are in need of urgent humanitarian aids .facing shortage of foods,drinking water, and medical cares which are urgent needed to be provided.
Following are the names of the flood affecting villages and it's populations in Kyauk Taw township.
1. Apaukwa Monastery-400 IDPs,
2.Praung Saite Village- Households 140/ Populations 600.
3.Aukthabran monastery- 500 IDPs
4.Kati village- Families 80, Populations 300.
5.BlongChaung village- Family 130,Populations 660.
6.Augn Ze Ya+Kauk Kyaik- Families 35,Populations 170.
7.Roungzun Mrauk village- Family 100, Populations 650,
8. ZhunkhaChay village- Family 360 , Populations 1680,
9.GoroMuni village- Family 140, Populations 700,
10. Lar Khok Pan Run village- Family 210, Population 1000
11. NaGu May village- Family 600, population 3000,
12. Ounggyant village- Family 200, Populations 750,
13. Ahla Maddi village- Family 150, Populations 750
14. Prounswe Fru village- family 100 population 600
15. Barawa village- Family 190, Population 900
16. Pauk lay Taung- Family 120, Population 600
17. Khwasone village- family 350, Population 1700
18. Than Pran village- Family 150,Population 590
19. Tu Mroung village- Family 160, poplation 600
Photos: Photo: The photos were collected from the Facebook . All the photos are from Kyauk Taw township flood images captured from the Kyauk Taw sheltering camps and the outskirt of the town. Apologies for using these photos without getting permission from the original up loaders but ARN thinks it's important and aiming to post this post is to letting the international and regional communities to aware the suffering from the natural calmities by the peoples in Arakan and needs emergency humanitarian aids as early as possible.

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