Sunday, August 2, 2015

7 death bodies have recovered in Mrauk-Oo but some are still missing

7 death bodies have recovered in Mrauk-Oo but some are still missing
7 corpses have been recovered who were drowned at flooding from the different villages in the Mrauk-Oo township of Arakan state western Burma. According to the government authority only 4 people died in Mrauk-Oo,however social medias reported that 7 corpses have been found so far and the number of death peoples may be higher than that government figure. 

7 dead bodies include 4 peoples from Puzwen Fay village including 3 children, 2 old couple from Kyauk Taung village and one 16 year old boy identified as Maung Maung Lurn from KanThiri Tharatta shown in following photos.
ARN have not got the photo of another dead body of U- Sein Mra Twan aged 42 from the same village of Kan Thiri Tharattaw village .But the daughter of U-Sein Mra Twan a migrant worker working at a factory in Mae Sot confirmed ARN about her father's death during the flood.
Photo credits: The photos were collected from the Facebook . All the bodies who were died during the flood at Mrauk-Oo township . . Apologies for using these photos without getting permission from the original up loaders but ARN thinks it's important and aiming to post this post is to letting the international and regional communities to aware the suffering from the natural calmities by the peoples in Arakan and needs emergency humanitarian aids as early as possible.
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