Saturday, November 15, 2014

An Open Letter to American President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President Obama

As you note, the time is now on the brink seeking for the equitable way of peaceful co-existence between the conflicted communities in Rakhine State of Myanmar. 

In such scenario, one should know the truest facts about of those communities in order to find out the truest solution. One should not be happened to come into the arena with overwhelmingly biased facts, fabricated propaganda, pretentious diplomacies, and treacherous plots, but with truth, sincerity, broad mind and most importantly humanitarian approach to both sides. Regrettably, there is wide spreading untrue facts in and out of Myanmar about our Rakhine land and Rakhine (Arakanese) people who are victimized as reversed elements due to a few opportunities for us to tell the truth and to revert the lies of other side. In fact, we Rakhine people are the most neglected indigenous human beings for their basic human rights in this world, and we dare to proclaim hereby such as to all those who used to champion on human rights and human dignities.

Historically, we Rakhines have been victims of unfair governance by all different governments of Myanmar; no say, no forum in home and abroad about our most desperate lives in the least developed area in a least developed country but all of our natural resources are exploited against desire of owners of the land, and our education, infrastructures and social surrounding are totally ignored for decades. The most critical situation now is our land, our vocations, our peaceful lives are being robbed by so-called stateless persons who are quite in difference from our culture, features, attires, manners, speaking, language, religion, etc., but undeniably identical to other side of our land, namely, Bangladesh.

Those invaders into our lands in the past and present are really human beings as of our Rakhine people that means if you have sympathy for them, why not to Rakhine people who are now in multi-pronged difficulties of lives for living in their own land in encountering with those killing-prone strangers, rapists, thugs and terrorism–backed elements.

So if you are true humanitarians, please stand for Rakhine people who are in danger of extinction even in their own land due to those extremely over-populated strangers and their backers with intentional conspiracies or who are ignorantly knowing nothing of true stories of us.

Indeed, we peaceful and dedicated Buddhists of Rakhine State tried to live with those Bangalis in our own land for years. We treat them very fairly but what they retreat us is with rapes, thugs; we fed them with our hands but what they retreat us is a bite to our hands; we allow them to plough in our land but what they retreat us is claiming our land as of their father land. We protect them as of our own people but what they retreat us is forming RSO to fight against us to build their own Islamic land. We allow them in semi-citizenship white cards but what they retreat us is claiming for their own national ethnic group under an un-historical name and statehood.

It is not the first instance for such moves in this world of those community. Several countries in the world is encountering such plots in risk of national sovereignty. So, why only in case of Rakhine of Myanmar, so many outcries against us and so many sympathies to those strangers of our land. It should not and could not be an answer for the people of the world let aside for our own Rakhine people.

Being blinded on our toughest lives in sacrifice to invaders, killers, rapists and unscrupulous elements of those Bengalis footing in our soil trying to wipe out original land owners, one should not just come to say for peaceful co-existing, human rights, citizenship, voting right, which will eventually lead to islamization of our Buddhist land as undeniably witnessed in present days in every part of the World. By doing so, that approach will exacerbate the situation far from solution. Please stop it.

Our stand is very clear for them. We are fundamentally peaceful people but brave enough to defend our own human rights and national pride. So, please forward of our clear message that the other side needs to drop their treacherous claims of fake nationality, separate statehood and withdrawal of their hypothetical stories of their status, and pay due respect to our Rakhine people and our Rakhine land, be abide to our national laws, then we would be very happy to live side by side with any human being of the world.
Dear American President; Dear American people, 

we do understand that United State of America faces also very abysmal issue of migration and really in deepening difficulties to tackle it even by such a greatest strength and superpower in the world. In return, we beg for your true sympathy to our Rakhine people who are hapless in imminent danger of extinction under invasion of overgrown aliens originated from other bank of our land.

Many thanks.
Sincerely yours,
Rakhines (a.k.a) Arakans

Ref: Than Maung's Facebook
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