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The survey, 90% believe Myanmar is not a murderer island !!

Page "CSI LA" lean, tight data !! The survey, 90% believe Myanmar is not a murderer island !!

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Page CSI LA unfolding observed here. Puzzle remains inside Survey Reveals More than 90% believe Myanmar is not the real killer. Said last administrators, From being threatened by the influence it.
Today (4 October), the shocking case unsolved murder two British tourists on Koh Tao. Surat ago. Among the evidence was vague in depth. Including the capture of the accused objected to closing the eyes of the world. I became a celebrity in the online world. That people pay attention very well. Create a Facebook page called "CSI LA" has a noted interest. A detailed description of the evidential breath. As a result, many members felt it badly.Assumed to events That was posted to the page such. May clarify much more than the news from the authorities.This seems contradictory to each day. Since the incident Until the last day to catch the bad guys and make a plan with a confession. Among the many doubts in the minds of those who are following the story closely.
CSI LA last page is a remarked. The weapon used in the murder, said David Miller, along with the lead from the body wounds attributed that information. There is a possibility that high. The deceased may be attacked with a sharp object other than a spade. (But no news in this story) has been described as such by page. "From visual observation of the criminals who attacked David David, I assumed that it would take a knife fight (Mini Pal Push Knife) is not likely to be left-handed shovel villains. Bad because it is the right of all David. Criminals may be preserved for the use of weapons with. David may have been unconscious from loss of blood poisoning because of my injury. But criminals brought his body to flush him out of breath. "

Then also the description of the individual pages claims to be a doctor. It is very interesting to analyze. 
"Analysis of the cause of death of David.
David saw Hannah was not shabby crowd to help because he thought that he was bigger than rapists David H 190 cm. Villain uses Hmahmoe. One of the assailant used a knife fight. May not wish to kill But I happen to hit a deadline was Frontal Branch of Temporal Artery.
The following is a description of the doctor CSI-TH (Expert Opinion).
Sting Frontal Branch of Temporal Artery to artery with a knife blow to cause sudden and the first one was already gushing arterial blood pressure line is ejected from the heart to the head and neck. If you drink alcohol, the more hard it expands blood vessels, called Vasodilated no different. Slit wrist but the wrist may die slowly. Blood Easier
If this is the wrist Like the unconscious Alcohol And besides stab wounds There may also be a smash hit before suspension trauma in the brain as we see. Ulcer bleeding But the cortex, it may issue a notice to thrust vigorously bashing the other as if there is no water in the lungs means death prior to leaving the water. If the lungs are filled with water, caught hold or removed from blood loss, shock and drown.
CSI -TH I thank the doctor. "
In addition, the admin page is also noted to have a photo of Mr. Sean McCormick, Anna Young in Switzerland.Which had to be interviewed about the lawsuit said. There is a possibility that Wounds that appear in the body of Mr. Sean. It could be wounds from being attacked with a weapon, David. The wound was not caused by a car crash, according to Mr. Sean had to be.
"Sean lied about car crash.
Sean is on the scene that day, for sure yet. Bad because it has the same effect as Sean David yet. That's right leg and the right transport him. Sean may be trying to stop the fight, but he did not succeed. But Sean to know for sure yet. Who killed David Why I'm the police to let Sean leave the country? "
Including the mobile phone of Miss Hannah. William Rutherford Ridge. Which comes to talking about all that.Disappeared from the scene and a suspect was taken. And according to a hand-held device such that the residence of the accused, but the CSI LA back page information and photos. Which claimed that the deceased did not bring along the mobile arena. I have a friend who is traveling together. And friends have been bringing it to the police. To check for possible adoption by the page administrator stated.
"Oh, you ???? 
"The DNA results Appearing in male mortality (PM. Sector. Hannah) Match 2 is a Web or Windows computer and the software, such as the Solar Wind or no DNA in the male mouse's death. Mr. Mount was not involved offenders (rape) is one in which DNA evidence to catch criminals. And last night, police on the island. Search Homes by Mr.Find a cell phone was left near death. The evidence used to tie a suspect to get after that. Mobile phones of the dead lost, "Pol.. Fri. Suwat said. 
(Article from Reuters)
"My friend Hannah was given to police itself. The police tried to cram that Myanmar stolen it. " 
That additional Hannah leave your phone on the go because it does not carry with it the next day (presumably referring to his body was found), the police came to ask for his cell Hannah and password. I gave her your phone with Hannah passcode (password for unlocking the phone) to the police. Before flying back home. "

There is also a mention of public opinion polls. Toward the conclusion of the case and arrested the accused in that case. People have commented that "Burma is the real killer or not?" The results show that more than 90 percent believe that accused the Myanmar. Not the real killer But there are people behind the scenes such as puzzles. It may be enough to influence events in this floating above.
Page CSI LA's latest posting claims. While this is being threatened by the influence on the island and "really big for my size I was in America, who have dominated island. Stalker threatened to here I'm on the floor at the home island side. He is not afraid of you or dominated. But the law does not light up, like America's in Thailand. Call the police immediately came here at once. "
The majority of the members also called on the authorities to clarify such doubts to clarify. If wholeheartedly and with full real evidence. It should be disclosed To soothe doubts and to reassure the public that the work of the staff. Transparency and แฏi duty of justice as a system, as has been mentioned.
Thanks to data from CSI LA 
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