Friday, October 10, 2014

An Open Letter to Prime Minister of Royal Thai Government

H.E. Mr. Prayuth Chanocha
Prime Minister of Royal Thai Government
Date: October 11, 2014.

Arakan National Network is one of the Political Organizations in Myanmar. Our aim is to provide hopes for all the people of Myanmar who have food security, protection of their rights and prestige.

The reason for sending this Open Letter is related to double murders case to Mr. David Miller and Ms. Hannah Wtheridge who British citizens in Kho Tao, Surathtarni Province, South of Thailand on September 15. Related to this case, Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun, two Myanmar citizens were arrested as the suspects of the case.

We anticipate the case as follow:

There are different in the police investigation that the suspects use hoe to kill two victims, however, we have seen many wounds in Miller’s face and shoulders which is caused by push knife rather than a hoe, like wounded in Mr. Sean McAnna’s body who is a close friend of Mr. Miller. During the Police custody, Polices and unauthorized translator beaten to the two suspects and it lead to confession of the suspects to the case. There are also a lot of loopholes and weakness relate to DNA result of Ms. Hanna and these of the suspects.

Therefore, the Royal Thai Police need to review all DNA results of the suspects and the Victims. The location is the case is also notoriously influenced by local Mafia and there is no rule of law of many decades. We are sure that the people around the world have the same view on the case like ours.

Therefore, we, the members of Arakan National Network, demand to Royal Thai Government as the follow:

(1) To review of the case with transparent manner and justice in due process.

(2) To find real culprit of the case as soon as possible because the area is rules by local
Mafia and people, especially migrant workers, are living there under fear to them.

(3) To cooperate among UK Government, Myanmar Government and Thai Government more closely as the case is so complex.

As our two neighboring countries are common in religious, culture and historical background, we believe that Arakan National Network’s anticipation to the case and our demands will be fulfilled by Royal Thai Government as soon as possible.

To contact Person:

Thein Myat Soe (ph: 09-5069749)
Aye Ko Thet (ph: 09-421748348)
Chit Htwe (ph: 09-449001772)

Tin Htoo Aung
Arakan National Network.
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