Friday, September 12, 2014

Full Scholarship opportunities at Korea Development Institute

Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management is Providing full scholarship opportunities for outstanding graduates, senior students, or faculty members for one of the degree programs below:
- Master of Public Policy (MPP)
- Master of Development Policy (MDP)
- Master of Public Management (MPM)
- Ph. D in Public Policy (PP) : Specialization in Economic Policy or Development Policy
The KDI School was founded with an authorization from the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development in 1997 to foster international experts with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of development economics and public policy. The academic curriculum has been drawn from a wealth of research and resources from their mother institution, the Korea Development Institute (KDI), which is the nation's leading economic think tank.
Every year, KDI Schools admits outstanding international students from 70 different countries and morethan 90% of them receive tuition waiver and monthly stipend (app. 1000 USD) while pursuing their Master's or Ph. D. degree programs. All classes are conducted in English by renowned faculty with established credentials in both the public and private sector.
The application deadline for spring 2015 Admission is October 24, 2014 and enclosed you will find the school brochure. please feel free to contact the admission office of KDI School for more information about the admissions, scholarship opportunities, and candidate recommendation (phone: 02-3299-1281, email: 
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