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Fifteen-year-old Myanmar Miss demands apology for pushing her to accompany business-people

Fifteen-year-old Myanmar Miss demands apology for pushing her to accompany business-people
Miss Asia Pacific World's award winner explained to the press that her decision to return home was reached mainly due to the fact that she was put under duress to undergo cosmetic surgery, she needs to accept invitations to escort some business tycoons whenever they require my company in order to raise funds for her music album, and for that the Korean-based organization, Supertalent of the World Incorporation (SOTW) which organize the pageant, owes her an apology.

The fifteen-year-old demanded a proper letter of apology from the organization for insulting her dignity and that of the country. "If I receive it (a letter of apology), I will return the Crown. If not so, I will sue the organization," Ms. May Myat Noe told the local and foreign media in the press conference held on September 2nd.

At the press conference, May Myat Noe and her mother recounted the difficulties, coercions and threats they faced since the start of the Miss Asia Pacific World contest. The face that she would have to meet the sponsors (for her album) alone after the surgery after her mother come back home was the main factor that causes her return, she stated. She also criticized the organization to make one-sided accusation against her featuring in the international media.

“The national directors did not encourage me and their words made me depress since the start of the contest. When I received the Crown, the organization told me to sign a three-year contract to continue the artist profession. I said I would continue my education. However, signing the contract meant keeping the title. The contract stated that the organization would provide food, accommodation and security for me while doing artistic work in the Republic of Korea. Thus, I accepted that. When I returned here, the national director spoke ill of me on the media. At that time, the organization mentioned that the national directors were continuously reporting falsely but it believes in me. The organization told me to cut my contact with the national directors. For that reason, I cut my contact with the national directors and continued joining hands with the Korean organization."

"I prepared to go to Korea according to the instruction of the organization," she added. "As I am an under-aged, I need my mother as a guardian. And so I wrote to the organization to permit my mother's accompany. A letter of invitation was given for me and my mother. When applying for the visa, my mother got a three-month visa. Upon arrival in Korea, there were no arrangements promised by the invitation letter and the contract. The organization told me it would not join K Pop Girl Band. It told me to beautify myself first. I would be put under duress to undergo a head to toe cosmetic surgery which I refused.

"I was told that, in order to generate funds to produce my music album, I need to accept invitations to escort some business tycoons whenever they require my company and the surgery is needed. I replied to provide me time to think about. At that time, my mother and I were sent to the old house at the edge of Busan to perform plastic surgery. I told the organization that it was impossible since I was too young and my mother would not allow it. The organization told us nothing would be provided for us and left us there. They said my mother was to return to Myanmar since I have sponsors to meet which would be inconvenient if she is around. I was told that I have a sponsor trip to Japan where my visa would also be extended. As I did not accept all the organization demands, I decided to return home. A Myanmar citizen in Korea helped me get the airport,” the pageant winner said.

She added that the announcement about dethroning her came out only after she and her mother boarded their flight and it required her return the crown to the national directors upon arriving home.

It is therefore an insult to her and her country when the organization alleged she stole the tiara, she said. She did not want the crown from an organization that destroyed dignity of a Myanmar pageant winner, and she even wished to give it back right away.

However, she said she does not wish to hand the crown to the National Director who failed to stand for a Myanmar Miss. She said she would return the tiara to the organization in front of respective officials on the condition that the organization issues a proper letter of apology for her dignity and the Union.

If not, her mother will file a law suit on behalf of her as she is not of age. She added that she would not do any more dealing with Miss Asia Pacific World contest, SOTW and its National Director.

Moreover, the organization had controversial issues with pageant winners in the past. A Korean contestant the original winner of 2011 contest returned her tiara as she could not accept invitations to escort the sponsors. Video files documenting some of the contestants, who could not stand the lack of sincerity, leaving the previous events can also be found on the internet. May Myat Noe said that she did not know about these events before going to the contest.

She added she learnt all these things only she went to Korea for the second time for the contest. She denied the allegations that she received breast enhancement and that she borrowed money from a nurse. Some present at the press conference said that sign of breast surgery is not found in her. Regarding with her birthday, she told National Director before the contest that her birthday was 19 October 1998.

The National Director filled up the applications form of the contest. She claimed to have asked the national director if she is eligible since the rules require having at least 18 years of age. However, the national director replied only not to worry. She therefore did not speak out about her wrong date of birth not to hurt the dignity of the organisation, she said.

In her conclusion, May Myat Noe repeated that the organization has insulted not only her but the Union itself. Therefore, the crown will be returned properly only if a letter of apology is issued by the organization. If not, she will sue the organisation.
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