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Israeli Air Force Strikes 80 Gaza Terror Targets In Under 30 Minutes

Posted by Arakan Indobhasa Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Over 500 targets have been hit since start of Operation Protective Edge; IDF targets infrastructure sites used by Hamas’s senior commanders; army strikes infrastructure used by organizer of failed beach raid

The Israel Air Force struck over 80 targets in the Gaza Strip in under 30 minutes on Wednesday evening, the IDF Spokesperson said. Over 550 targets have been hit since the start of the Operation Protective Edge against Hamas rocket fire this week, the IDF said. 
In recent air strikes, the IAF targeted dozens of Hamas infrastructure sites used by the organization’s senior commanders. The strikes targeted infrastructure used by Ahmed Andur, a senior Hamas member in northern Gaza, who is responsible for rocket fire on southern Israel in recent months, as well as the failed attempt by Hamas naval commandos to land on Zikim beach and murder Israelis.


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