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Chittagong is just Rakhine's Land

 Chittagong is just Rakhine's Land

Rakhine state, where most Rakhine ethics inhabit is one of the seven states within Myanmar sovereignty. It's situated in country's western part, bordered by  Chin state in north, Magway region, Bago region and Irrawaddy region in east, Bay of Bengal in south and neighbored to Bengal in south and neighbored to Bangladesh to west and northwest.

Rakhine people had ruled autonomously in their own aristocracies and their history can be generally divided into seven parts which are Dhanyawaddy age, Waithali age, Lemro age, finally (Myo Haung) Mrauk Oo age - ages of independent Rakhine kingdom - then Konbaung Dynasty established by Boe Daw (King Badone) (1782 - 1819) after 1782, colonial period under British government after 1886 and independent Burma (Myanmar) after 1984.

Rakhine races reportedly have risen since 3000s BC according to claimed-as-legend history, and Dhanyawaddy dynasty which history describes had erupted in the period contemporaneous to the era of Lord Buddha's arising. Rakhine kings established kingdom on long delta and a number of farmlands between Ganges river and  Irrawaddy river. Rakhine kingdom became segregated from Myanmar mainland as it was divided by West Roma mountain range. As Rakhine kingdoms were stretched to the East Bengal province, Rakhine kings annexed 12 Bengali cities including Chittagong, Panwah, Mauk Thuza, Binga.

The place of current Bangladesh country was just East Bengal province that had become East Pakistan country when British government gave independence.After that, Bangladesh separated from Pakistan. It means Rakhine kingdoms have once owned many parts of current Bangladesh, Among them, Chittagong where many Rakhine ethics had dwelled was Rakhine territory.

Indian sub-contined and Myanmar (Burma) lost so many original borders when those regained independence from Britin. Eastern part and western part, the lands where most Muslim lived, of India where considered East Pakistan and West Pakistan metamorphosed into Bangladesh. Additionally, Myanmar map changed despite its independent status.

Nothing's wrong with Myanmar in border dispute cases although it has five neighbors. Myanmar's foreign policy depends on independent, active and peaceful  coexistence. Now, Bangladesh's author Zeeshan Khan spurs to chip Myanmar's territory in an article named " A referendum in Rakhine State", an element to damage relationship of two countries.

Butheetaung and Maungdaw belong with Rakhine sate, historically, with residence of Rakhine ethics who had to leave when Bengali, non-indigenous people, from Bangladesh invaded. Therefore, it were just insulting Myanmar territory to hold a referendum for Bengalis to decide whether to separate Butheetaung, Maungdaw, Sittwe from Myanmar and inset them to Chittagong.

It's provocative to Myanmar sovereignty. Instead, it better should let Chittagong join Myanmar. Rakhine ethics had owned Chittagong for many decades. However, Myanmar upholds neighboring countries' sovereignty without provocative manner. Also, it won't let itself forsake its owned land even for a piece of an inch. Bangladesh regime gives media freedom of expression and the article may be just opinion of Dhaka Tribune's author, vice versa, this one not Myanmar's foreign policy but my opinion.

So, what staying behind conflicts between two societies in Rakhine state can be guessed. It is conspicuous that come are actively conspiring with politically motivated actions covered by religion and social case, factually invading Myanmar sovereignty by gimmicks of human right, democratic right and destroying stability of republic of union of Myanmar.

For these reasons, we, Thamaga media, urge human right groups, state-run organizations, local organizations to find result by means of following facts in effect to get peaceful coexistence.

(1) Is freedom of religion banned in Myanmar?
(2) Are there genocide and abuse happening in Myanmar?
(3) Is social and sectarian discrimination legal in Myanmar?
(4) Is legal citizenship banned in Myanmar?
(5) Is law amendment in a country breaching human right?
(6) Is protection of mother land provocative?
(7) Shouldn't everyone have right to preserve tradition and culture of his/her race and country?

Translated by MN
Thamaga News Journal
Vol. 2, No. 15, April 1

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