Saturday, May 24, 2014

Orders so far

Orders issued by the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council (NPOMC) following the May 22 coup announcement:

- Martial law is invoked nationwide

- The current Constitution is abolished except Chapter 2, which pertains to the monarchy

- The Cabinet is terminated

- Army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha, as head of the NPOMC, acts as the prime minister and each ministry's permanent secretary acts as relevant minister

- Nationwide curfew from 10pm-5am

- All political gatherings of five or more people are banned and all protesters are ordered off the streets

- All TV and radio stations are ordered to suspend normal programmes and allowed to show only Army broadcasts

- All media outlets are ordered to refrain from reporting content that could be deemed as lese majeste, provocative, inciting violence or critical of the military leaders

- Operators of social media and Internet service providers have been urged to block the spreading of false information and messages that incite unrest or opposition to the peacekeeping efforts

- 155 prominent figures, so far, including ousted government leaders, politicians attached to the former government, protest leaders and political activists have been ordered to report to the NPOMC and are banned from leaving the country without permission.

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