Friday, May 2, 2014

Kyaukphyu conference designates Rakhine national day

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Arakan National Conference is in progress in Kyaukphyu, Rakhine State
The designation of Rakhine National Day, Bengalis' illegal immigration to Rakhine State and the merger of two Rakhine armies was on the agenda at the fourth day session of Arakan National Conference held in Kyaukphyu.

Prof Dr Aye Chan submitted a resource paper at the session pointing out that local ethnic Rakhine were concerned over illegal immigration of Bengalis into Rakhine State.

Policies protecting ethnic rights should be laid down are of great importance to prevent the west border for national security.

"Bengalis immigrated to Rakhine State under British rule. In the post-Independence period, Bengalis population figures had been on the rise due to corrupt government servants. Bengalis' immigration to Raknine State was due to favourable livelihoods. It was required to create job opportunities for local ethnic Rakhine people. Unity of five districts in Rakhine State became stronger than that of the past. Necessary policies could be laid down later. I am very satisfied to see the conference," said Prof Dr Aye Chan.

Dr Tin Aung from Sittwe submitted a resource paper, reading that Rakhine national day should be the one the entire people of Rakhine designate. It should be the significant day. Despite Rakhine State Day was designated, Rakhine national day was yet to be done.
Separate three sectors of politics, economy and social welfare were discussed at the conference. Rule of law, perpetuation of the territory and national interest were also outlined.

Resources papers such as future prospects and suggestions of Kyaukphyu SEZ, farmland sector enhancement and rural development, poverty reduction, economics and border trade plans, salt farmers, strategic situation of Rakhine State and development prospects were submitted to the conference.
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