Sunday, April 20, 2014

Recent clashes in Kachin killed 8 soldiers and 14 KIA fighters

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Published on Sunday, 20 April 2014 22:02

A fighting between the government troops and Kachin Independence Army took place on April 4 at a road linking Manwainggyi and Kaunghmuyan, Kachin State, according to a government news source.

As the Army forces were adjusting their deployment, the KIA soldiers started to attack them, killing an Army major. The government said the incident happened at the area designated for mopping-up operation to gain control.

The army could take control of Pankham area after high casualties - an officer and three privates were killed while and another officer and four privates sustained injuries. Six KIA soldiers died and five weapons were seized, the report said.

While seven vehicles of Tatmadaw military convoy were travelling on April 13 to Seinlon from Bhamo for operational rotations, the convoy hit the KIA-planted landmine near mile post No 12/4 in Moemauk township. Two privates were killed and nine others were wounded, the report said.

In retaliation, the Tatmadaw military forces mopped up the KIA troops of station 792 (Monghsatkaung) and station 406 (Dagawmakarbon). In clearing these military stations, three troops were killed and three were injured. Eight KIA soldiers died and five weapons were seized.

The clashes in Pankham happened 4 kilometers from the borderline, resulting in no diplomatic repercussion. There was no casualty for local people because the troops did not enter the villages or the internally displaced person’s camps, the report said.

The new round of government-KIA fighting erupted since April 10.

The Army managed to gain control of Bankham border gate and the KIA’s No 27 Regiment on April 12.

The Ministry of Defence said that the Tatmadaw military forces had to conduct the mop-up operations on the KIA camps after the armed minority forces attacked the government troops.

The KIA said, on the other hand, the Tatmadaw forces started to expand its presence and flex its military might, prompting a preemptive attack.

“The government said that it was replacing the troops. But it did not mean like so. The government was carrying out troops redeployment,” La Nan, the KIO information officer, said to The Daily Eleven on April 18.

Regarding the report of the Ministry of Defence, The Daily Eleven tried but failed to  contact the KIA for comments on April 19.

The recent clashes displaced more than 10,000 people from Kachin and Shan villages, according to local civic organisations. The internally displaced persons are now taking shelter in Manwainggyi, Muse and Nankham camps.

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