Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nato troops die in Afghanistan helicopter crash

Isaf helicopter, file image from August 12, 2012 Isaf has not yet released details of the nationalities of those killed
Five Nato troops have been killed in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan, the Nato-led security mission Isaf has said.

Isaf gave no further details, saying in a statement that it was still reviewing the circumstances of the crash.

Afghan officials said the helicopter had come down in Kandahar province because of a mechanical failure.

Foreign forces are due to hand over responsibility for security to their Afghan counterparts at the end of 2014.

Fatal incidents involving foreign troops have declined as they prepare for the withdrawal.
However, such crashes have been relatively frequent over the years because coalition forces depend heavily on air transport.

The last major helicopter crash took place in December last year, when seven Americans and four Afghans died.

In August 2011, the Taliban shot down an American Chinook near Kabul, killing 30 Americans and eight Afghans in the deadliest single incident for US troops since the war began.
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