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You may have seen the passenger list of flight MH370 circulating, and if you look closely you may have noticed that Passenger 84's name has been blurred out. 

Here is the uncensored version. Rumours are circulating as to who Passenger 84 is and why the name was blurred out in the first place. 

According to TRS reader CK, 

Apparently on Chinese social media (i.e. netizens), there is a photo of a passengers list which includes all passenger names and information. On this picture, the name of passenger 84 is blurred out. Apparently the rumor among the netizens is that Passenger 84 is Uyghur, an ethnic group in China.

Malaysia is looking at a possible terror link in the disappearance of an plane believed to have gone down in the sea with 239 people aboard, the country's transport minister said, as the FBI indicated it would pursue its own investigation into the crash.
Hishammuddin Hussein said Malaysian security agencies were investigating after it was discovered that two passengers may have boarded missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 using stolen passports, raising fears of potential terrorism.

Another reader Stephan Ortmann said:
Lot of strange information about the stolen passports on MH370:
1. The fake passports were used to buy two of only seven tickets sold byChina Southern Airlines
2. The two passports were on a list of stolen documents and still could board the plane.
3. As it was an Austrian and Italian passport, they presumably must have had visas (or connecting flights). If their final destination was Beijing, how could they get visas?

My points:
1) There are lots of Buddhists onboard this plane who were returning home to Beijing after attending a Buddhist event in KL
2) The Turkish Uilghur Muslim cleric has called for Jihad against PRC Buddhists in late Feb.
3) Two European passports were stolen and used to buy air tickets to board this plane. 
4) Initially I was puzzled why European passports? Now it makes sense if Turks were involved. 

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