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Pakar Penerbangan Sebut 6 Sebab Kehilangan Misteri MH370

Published on Wednesday, 12 March 2014 09:42
MH370 U.S. Navy . Pic : www.themalaymailonline.comMH370 U.S. Navy . Pic : 

MH370 US Navy. Pic: www.themalaymailonline.comKUALA LUMPUR : Malaysia Airlines mysterious disappearance (MAS ) MH370 Penerbngan since Saturday confound aviation experts worldwide.
At this point, a specialist aviation history provides evidence that can be the cause of the loss of a Boeing 777- 200ER is 11 years old .
The reasons are a combination of technical errors and pilots to lead to cumulative effects , structural damage, human factors , adverse weather , total electrical failure and hijackings .
According Consulting Aerospace and Defense Frost and Sullivan Asia Pacific , Ravi Madavaram , there is no single factor that generally cause the plane crashed, but the combination of technical malfunction and pilot results .
In a statement here today, he said the damage and decide if going alone is not harmful .
"This is what happened to Air France 447 . No distress signal from Air France 447 because the aviator (pilot ) do not realize that they will crash until 10 seconds before it happened , " he said.
On structural damage , Madavaram said aircraft structural failure can cause the pilot to lose control ." This is happening to China Airlines Flight 611 , while flying at an altitude of 35,000 feet in 2002, when a Boeing 747 ( Flight 611 ) crashed due to an error in the repair of damage.
On the human factor , he stressed the willful kind by passengers or the pilot to cause plane crashes in the incident highlighted the World Trade Centre 9/11 .
Experts said the adverse weather conditions such as snow , fog, rain , and ice can affect the performance of the aircraft, which is likely to cause the plane crashed .
" This happened on an aircraft carrier Qantas in 2008 in Bangkok . Aircraft landed safely with energy support from Auxiliary Power Unit ( APU ) , " he said.
Madavaram ruled MH370 confiscated, because it is impossible for the aircraft regardless of all radar scans in the flight.
Explaining further , he said that every commercial civil aircraft with sensors, Emergency Locator transmitters ( ELT ) , and it will be activated when the plane crashed on the strength of shock or information provided pilots.
He said another traffic light (beacon ) attached to the flight recorder or black box called Underwater Locator Beacon ( ULB ) , and Lampur signal will be activated as soon as it is in contact with water .
" Had the plane crashed in the water , ELT will transmit a signal , but it is not waterproof. ULB start sending a signal as soon as it touched the water , " he said.

ELT and beacons using its own battery and electrical failure does not affect these devices .
" Battery beacon or beacon black box designed for a life of 28 days . If beacon goes off and the aircraft black box was not detected in that period, then the only hope is to find the pieces and from there try to detect the motion down," he said.

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