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Myanmar border militant training again

Myanmar border militant training again
Bangladeshi militants fled and took refuge in camps
Bangladeshi militants, arms and training to the newly organized militant groups Rohingya. Multiple sources have confirmed to the border, playing an active role in the militant Rohingya aphaganapherata century.
Abu Taher, Cox
Bangladeshi militants, arms and training to the newly organized militant groups Rohingya. Multiple sources have confirmed to the border, playing an active role in the militant Rohingya aphaganapherata century. Intelligence agencies in this regard - is proof. মিয়ানমার সীমান্তে ফের জঙ্গি প্রশিক্ষণ
Living in the former headquarters of the commander Samakal naiksyanchari araesaora the mountainous area near the border with Myanmar Rohingya training camp opened several new militant groups. Naiksyanchari near Myanmar border
The militants are being trained in these camps, day and night. According to sources, the militants managed to escape the camp to have a lot of Bangladeshis. Here are a variety of weapons and military skill training Rohingya militants aphaganapherata century. Amtoli, batatali, kurikyam etc. There are training camps in the area. The Rohingyas have also allegedly been associated with the militants. Concerned, the sources said, the militants hiding Ukhiya Kutupalang and Teknaf baharachara Several members area. Rohingya refugee camps than in Ukhiya Kutupalang huge network of militants. Refugee camps are used as a safe heaven for terrorists. This kyampasanlagna arms training area in 1996 when law enforcement operations landakhali was arrested 41 militants. All have been freed on bail again now gone into hiding.
Confirmed multiple sources, Rohingya Solidarity Organization (araesao), Arakan Movement, the People's Freedom Party of Arakan, Arakan Rohingya National Organization (earaenao), a militant group Harkat-ul-jihadasaha to a working group has reached consensus. Araesaora President. Mohammad Yunus, Dr Rohingya leaders. Waqar Ahmed, Abul Faiz Jeelani, Nurul Islam, salamata Ullah, Mohammad Shafi Ullah, Nazmul Alam Top of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh recently had a meeting leader. The decision to run the activities of the parties are uniting Rohingya insurgent groups. Soon after meeting militant leaders hurried to raise money.  

Sources confirmed that this money is buying weapons. Cox has some of the top leaders of the Rohingya militants. Confirmed with multiple sources, Rohingya militants is a large fund of NGOs. 'Muslim Aid', 'mercy', 'Muslim', 'Al-Ansar', 'coordinated humanitarian initiative, NGOs, etc., as they have to collect funds from various countries.
The findings of Cox's Bazar Sadar Imam Muslim Islamic Center of jhilanjara mahuriparaya operated a madrassa in the sense of being militants. Private araesaora Sala leader Hafiz-ul-Islam was arrested on March 1 last year but recently out of jail in a few days in jail. Cox's Bazar is one of the leaders of the Awami League leaders allegedly collaborated with him to be freed on bail. Hafiz Salah-ul-Islam held a secret meeting at a madrassa in Teknaf, police. According to sources, the militant leader has now become active again.
Rohingya refugees in two camps in Cox militants are using as their network. Rohingya militants Ali Johar, Haji Fazal, Rafiq Ahmed, Hafez struck, Lalu doctors, Shamsu Waterman, Hafiz Jalal, maulana Shafiullah, Nurul Haque Waterman, Noor Mohammad, Abdul Rashid, Mohammad Sayed, Abu Qader, Abu Yahya Hamid, lieutenant colonel, Abdullah Mohammed, a militant terrorist activities are illegal camp location. According to sources, hundreds of Rohingya militants in different parts of the country, the Imam of the mosque - as muyajjina work. Several of them are militant aphaganapherata. Some of them were out on bail at the time of being caught by the police. Cox's Bazar and Bandarban আদালতপাড়াকেন্দ্রিক the lawyer, the lawyer's assistant and brokers build a cycle consisting of fake paper brings militants from prison exceeded.
Meanwhile, the 'Assembly of the Association of Rohingya to Bangladesh, a militant group called the new findings come from law enforcement. Intelligence sources said, analainabhittika Rohingya militants launched a radio and a tibhikendrao. 'Rohingya vision' of the militants are operating using the TV and radio. Bangladeshi militants to join with them. Corresponding to multiple sources, Cox's Bazar, Chittagong and Bandarban districts madrasasaha many religious institutions in some sense being a militant group and under the direct supervision of the Rohingya. Many of these institutions are working in disguise as teachers and other militants.  

Law enforcement agencies monitor the institutions have now.
Police said Cox. Azad Miah said, are limited by the laws of the Rohingya camps - in order to control the deals. Highly sensitive area of ​​the refugee camp. Here are a focus of international organizations. Without specific information, police raided the camp do so. This is an opportunity to take the Rohingya Terrorists could. He said the militants Allegations of Rohingyas in their possession. Refugee camps have now increased surveillance. Extra police will be required to execute the mission.
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