Sunday, March 9, 2014


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Malaysia Airlines hunts for missing plane carrying 239

Malaysian Airlines has told the family members of the passengers on the missing MH370 to return home to get valid passports so that they can facilitate travel for them to go to the crash site.

The relatives of the passengers on board the missing Beijing bound flight have been instructed to return to Kuala Lumpur International Airport by 6pm so that necessary travel arrangements can be made.
Police were seen assisting the relatives, many crying, out of the holding room through the crowd of journalists and media persons at KLIA.

Earlier, the Malaysian Transport minister had denied initial claims that the plane had crashed into the ocean off the coast of Vietnam.

At that time, the Transport minister said that the wreckage had not been found and the reports in Vietnamese media were unverified and that authorities were looking at "all possibilities".

Despite this, it seems that Malaysian Airlines has admitted that there is a  'crash site' but the location is still unknown.

The search for the wreckage and any possible survivors is ongoing with the Malaysian government having dispatched a plane, 2 helicopters and 4 sea vessels to search the South China Sea.

The Philippines had also sent three navy patrol boats and a surveillance plane. It was also reported that China had sent some support to the last known location of the plane to help with the search and rescue.
Here is a list of many of the passengers on board the flight:
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