Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Arabs send more terrorists to Burma to create an Islamic state: ‘Many attempts have been made to send Jihadists to Myanmar’

How come Western media is completely silent on this issue? We reported an article from Tunisian media in April 2013, that Qatar is funding 3,500 jihadist to travel to Myanmar (Burma) and slaughter Buddhists. Do you think this is only a reaction by muslims for the protective violence Myanmar has meeted on the Rohingya? Rohingya, by the way,  is synonym of alien Chittagonian separatists or jihadist Mujtahid. They are not some friendly little muslims who are victims of Buddhist violence. The Buddhist have described the Rohingya’s in the following terms: “They are not human. They are satanic”. That is indeed an apt description.
“The term Rohingya is never known to history, nor it is ever recorded in the official documents as the designation of a Muslim coterie in Rakhaing, ostensibly cross-bred by Arab castaways. It is only a belied term employed by the alien Muslim separatists, with the object of advancing a legal claim to ethnic grouping of the Union of Burma.
The Imperialist British, who ruled the Indian Empire, named them Chittagonians after the Chittagong District of East Bengal, where from they originated. The term Rohingya, therefore, is synonym of alien Chittagonian separatists or jihadist Mujtahid.”
from Rohingya Hoax, by Maung Tha Hla (Tha Hla served twenty years with the Burma Foreign Service)
The Rohingya’s are endlessly harassing, threatening, raping and committing violence against the Burmese because they want an Islamic state in the country. We are seeing a similar development that created the Palestine-Israel conflict, that forced Indonesia to bend to Islam, and the same which will soon be happening across Europe. The Rohingya population has, however, been fairly small so their efforts were not bearing fruit. What did they do then? Well, the Palestine occupation strategy is being repeated all over again in Burma: muslim ‘boat people’ started to appear in thousands in Burma. These boat people refuse to take no for an answer. When they refused to turn around and instead forced their presence on the country, and quickly started to burn, rape and kill the local Buddhists, the Burmese army threatened them (the only sensible thing to do with extremist infiltration). Eventually the region in which they were hiding and occupying was burnt down.

But Burma’s problems are only increasing. Arabs, who are the real meddlers in all the Middle East conflict but which the U.S. tend to get the biggest blame for, is again meddling with their oil money and quite decisions to spread their nasty Salafi ideology to Burma. Qatar, according to Tunisian news, have paid for 3,500 jihadist to ship to Burma and start their insurgency there.

But it is not only from Tunisia these extremists have been smuggled to Burma to topple the country and convert it into an Islamic society.

Syrian Islamist have been attempting to smuggle Muslim extremists into Myanmar, a Syrian Islamist source told NOW. media.

According to the source, “many attempts have been made to send Jihadists to Myanmar for the sake of our brothers.”

“Contacts with Islamist groups in Pakistan, India and other surrounding countries are being made in order to facilitate their entry into Myanmar.”

The source, however, added that “these attempts have failed.”

Speaking to NOW, Salafist Sheikh Bilal al-Masri called on Muslims to attack Buddhists and their interests.

“I decree that every person who can get to a Buddhist should kill him because they are killing our people and the Muslims cannot be blamed for their reaction.”

As usual wherever in the world they go, Muslims never want to see their own aggression, force and violence as a wrong. They feel entitled to land that is not theirs. They feel entitled to Europe, now that politicians have allowed mosques to be established in Europe. And they feel entitled to Myanmar because of past efforts by muslims to invade and occupy Myanmar dating back centuries.
[Click on the images to open] A facebook group calling itself RSO New Spirit created for ‘human rights’ (yes, he really chose that amusing term) for the Rohingya’s tries to explain why Burma was a former Islamic state. In other words, that gives muslims a feeling of entitlement to occupy a country that is not theirs and never was. RSO New Spirit writes (with misspellings): “A map showing cultural divisions of South-East Asia in 15th century A.D. as appealed in the Time Atlas of World History indicating Arkana as an Islamic state by Geoferry Banadough P-133″

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