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Unrest in Myanmar are criminal in nature

Won Thar Nu

Won Thar Nu
Here is the translation of how the Russian press RG.RU has mentioned that the media from western countries published false information about the terrorist attacks of Rohingyas.
The conflict in the west in the state of Rakhine Buddhists are not yavlyaetsya confrontation with Muslims. There are no religious overtones. Such a misinterpretation of the events the international community imposed by Western media. In Rakhine clashes ordinary people of Myanmar illegal Bengali immigrants who have committed brutal murders of our citizens, "- a view voiced by ordinary citizens of Myanmar, which was able to talk correspondent" RG ". Independent experts also confirm that this is not about religious opposition as well as in Myanmar, there are Muslims from 4 to 8 percent of the population, and they quietly coexisted with the Buddhists.

Recall that in the past few days in Rakhine State, Myanmar in the west on the border with Bangladesh, clashes, which killed 30 people and wounded dozens, burned more than a thousand homes. The government was forced to declare a curfew and put in Rakhine State troops, which separated the warring parties. Clashes occurred between the indigenous population of the state - the citizens of Myanmar (Burma) - and the so-called "rohindzhya." The first mostly Buddhists, and Muslims second. It all started with the fact that the girl was killed by a group of Burmese "rohindzhya", and before that at her outrage. This provoked an outburst of indignation on the part of the indigenous population and responses: Burmese torn bus, which drove the alleged members of a crime. After that went to fighting between the Burmese and rohindzhya. The Western media have interpreted this as a conflict based on religion - between Buddhists and Muslims, with which "rohindzhya" are.

Correspondent "RG" was able to talk with some students from Myanmar, who presented a different version of events. "There is no tension in our country between Buddhists and Muslims do not exist. Events in Rakhine State are purely criminal in nature, workers carried out a series of monstrous murders ordinary Burmese and Buddhist monks", - emphasized the sides separately in a series of interviews. They also noted that the Western media deliberately portrayed everything as a religious conflict. "We have repeatedly appealed to the mainstream media of the West with the requirement to first understand the situation, and then give out the message and the interpretation of what happened, but we simply do not listen. It seems that it's easier to understand, or even deliberately trying to create a religious background," - said a student from Myanmar's Aung named.

Another student named Soest agree with him: "Burmese Buddhists, make up the vast majority of the population of Myanmar, are peace-loving people who are tolerant of all religions, including Muslims. But we are against gang murders committed against marginalized members of our so-called" rohindzhya "

From this point of view, agreed to a Russian expert, who for a long time, "lives in Myanmar. Asking not to be named, he said:" In the Myanmar, according to various estimates, from 4 to 8 percent of the population - Muslims. Myanmar Muslims - it is still Muslim Buddhist country. To pray and to worship no one bothers Muslims, and the number of mosques and prayer halls in Yangon is quite large. At the right time with the loudspeakers of mosques calling people to prayer - and that no one interferes. Myanmantsy like to show the area near the Sule Pagoda as a symbol of religious tolerance: across the street from one side of the pagoda - a mosque, and across the square - the Christian Church. "

Myanmatsy also disagree with the fact that "rohindzhya" feel oppressed people. "It is illegal Bengali immigrants who began to use soft indigenous population. They are not any specific people, especially the oppressed", - emphasized the sides.

Russian expert admitted that the situation in Rakhine State is a very complex, and themselves, "rohidzhya" extremely difficult group. "Among these people was a strong spread of this radical branch of Islam. Myanmar Muslims in general and Muslims" rohindzhya "are very different. Last greatly radicalized and started to behave very aggressively. And a significant role in this was played by two major external forces. First - international humanitarian organizations. second - radical Islam, "- said the expert. He stressed that even the Americans admit the possible existence of contacts between the radical groups "rohindzhya" in the face of Arakan (Arakan - Rakhine State historical name - approx. "RG") a national organization rohindzhya with armed Islamic extremists, with whom the government of Bangladesh started fighting after the bombings in 2005 year.

The expert also once again highlighted the fact that no religious background of the conflict there. "For a couple of days to the mercy of the Burmese bus" rohindzhya "several" rohindzhya "grabbed the girl-rakhaynku (indigenous Rakhine State, the Buddhists - the explanation of" RG "), abused and killed over it. What then could be a religious component is that the mob rakhayntsev rushed to the bus, where the traveling "rohindzhya" allegedly involved in the murder of a defenseless girl? What does the religious affiliation of those and others involved as well underlined the largest news agencies in the messages? "

He also categorically denied some reports that the army was introduced in Rakhine State was "cleaned" rohindzhya "." This is absolutely not true. The army itself is at risk, and contrary pulls of their own from the Burmese "rohindzhya." Many of my friends are indignant Burmese such protection by the army. She said: "Why do they defend scum, We have long since dealt with them, but we do not want us to shoot our own brothers and soldiers!"

The expert also admitted that had a popular Western media have lost their positions. "In the past military government had to convince people that the Western media lied, now, even in liberal newspapers placed the calls for a boycott of some of the most well-known publications and radio stations of the West and accusations of lying and uncleanliness. In fact, these days a number of Western agencies that give voice to this "religious factor" of the conflict, lost in all of Myanmar, "- said the source.

Translated by,
Zaw Lwin Win
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