Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rohingya Violence in Arakan State of Burma unabated, Dozens of Araken Hospitalized for Water Poisoned

Since violence in Araken state is unabated, about ten thousand of people, most of them are Arakan people become homeless and refugees in their own state after Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO) and the Arakan
Rohingya National Organization (ARNO led the violence with the support of their trained men from COX BAZAR, Chittagong, border town of Maungday between Burma and Bangaladesh. The clashes between Burma army and the well trained Rohingya terrorist have taken place many area. It seems the government troop are very weak and could not make the situation better because the strong and well planned strategy of Rohingya terrorist.

Yesterday evening, Dr.Tun Aung and his daughter who are the behind of current violence were detained by the authority. Dr. Tun Aung is a leader of the Rohingya Soliderity Organization and a staff of UNHCR. He is detained in Sittwe and his daughter was also arrested while she is awaiting the flight at Sittwe airport to Rangoon. At the same time, Burmese authority found out that some NGO staffs were involved and cooperated with Dr. Tun Aung for declaring the Autonomous Rohingya state in Araken state. Those NGO staffs are believed from Netherland. The news said, authority also found out some weapon at the home close to Mosqe where those NGO staffs are residing.

Another story is dozen of people were hospitalized for drinking the water that supplying in Sittwe. The water dam to release for Araken state were poisoned by Roghingya terrorist group last two days ago. The authority now stop releasing water. However, there are many people who could not receive the news still use the water that they stored from the pipe just before the authority stop releasing water.

Today, at least more than 30 houses that belong to Araken people were burned down by terrorist. hundreds of injured and dozen of death, hundreds still missing for three days without knowing where they are and if they still alive beacause they were surrounded by Rohingya since the first day of violence. Most of those people lived among the Rohingya community in Maungda and Sittwe were 10 % Araken and 90 % of Rohingya.

Although, Burma president Thein Sein gave state address yesterday, there is nothing change about the violence. The Burmese authority failed to protect the citizen of Araken state. The Burma are trying to stop the violence, but they were responded with the shoot from Rohingya terrorist members. Rohingya armed forces used the weapons that made in Iraq.
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