Saturday, June 16, 2012

Protest against foreign media’s false reporting in front of British Embassy


In the backdrop of false and erratic reporting by the foreign news media in connection with the current situation in Rakhine State, a strong protest was expressed by Myanmar citizens in front of the British Embassy in Yangon at 10:30 am on 14 June.

The protesters hold the placards mentioning “International media stop stating this as religious conflict”, “Rohingya is not Myanmar ethnicity”, “Burma Campaign UK STOP propaganda”, and “Respect our sovereignty”.
Moreover, protest against foreign broadcasting stations such as BBC, DVB was dubbed as “BBC the Bengali Broadcasting Corporation” and “DVB the Democratic Voice of Bengali” in the placards.

Ko Chan Thar Aung from the group said, “They are propagating across the world. Rohingya is not among our national races. Under the human rights benefits, any person can become a citizen according to law. However, the person could not become the nationalities of a nation. In Myanmar, we have already identified our nationalities. A person can become a citizen under the existing law of the nation, but not its nationality.

“The recent issue is not about Buddhist and Islamic matter, but because of illegal Bengali migrants. The event is not religious violence. The issue is nothing to do with the Buddhist and Islamic communities. This is to be considered as the national cause. We protest as it tantamount to national sovereignty,” he continued.

About ten national youth took part in the protest which lasted five minutes, where foreign and local media covered the event. Similar protest was made in front of Yangon City Hall on 11 June.
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