Saturday, June 16, 2012

Peace and Diversity Party’s Declaration Regarding with Terrorist Actions by Bangali Illegal Immigrants

Peace and Diversity Party’s Declaration Regarding with Terrorist Actions by Bangali Illegal Immigrants
Peace and Diversity Party Headquarter
No(2/2/232) MaHawGaNi Street, Htaut Kyant Ext. Ward, MinGaLarDon Township, Yangon
Ph – 098610719
Date: 13 Jun 2012
Announcement of Peace and Diversity Party’s stand regarding with Arakan State Affairs
1. Peace and Diversity Party announces its stand regarding with interference and destruction of homes and businesses of local Arakan civilians by Bengali Terrorists, as well as their terrorist actions of burning and killing Arakan civilians.
2. We shall regard this event as stemming from terrorist actions of non-ethnic foreign invaders aimed at blatant invasion of our land through chronic illegal immigration. We want all countries and United Nations to know the terrorist actions and attacks such as burning civilian homes and killings conducted by foreign illegal Bangali Immigrants on our local Arakan civilians.
3. Furthermore, we have witnessed purposeful propaganda from media which are portraying current terrorist actions of Bangali illegal Immigrants as a genocide by our Myanmar Government. We have seen invasion by Bangali immigrants who are pretending to be innocent civilians aimed to halt governance and law enforcements by Myanmar Government. We hope everyone will understand unavoidable firings since we cannot give up sovereignty and our land to Bangali Illegal Immigrants. As such, Peace and Diversity Party will support unavoidable firings by security forces to put the cruel terrorist actions by Bangali Illegal Immigrants to an end.
4. We urge the federal government to check the status of penetration of illegal Bangali Immigrants into Myanmar and banish each and everyone of them and to take action against bribery and mismanagement of responsible government bodies. We urge the federal government to announce long term plans which will guarantee the security and peaceful livelihood of our Arakan civilians.
5. We want to particularly inform all native Islamic civilians that they are official citizens of Myanmar effectively and they must be loyal to Myanmar Government and are similarly responsible for peacefulness and security of the country. Therefore, we want to inform Islamic people not to encourage and side on foreign illegal Immigrants on the grounds of religious similarities.
6. We also want other religious communities such as Buddhists, Hindus and Christians not to discriminate based on religious differences but instead, to act and react together with a unanimous view as a Myanmar citizen.
7. We urge every citizen not to discriminate illegal immigrants based on their religious and racial differences but instead to follow the rule of law and act accordingly and systematically.
8. Peace and Diversity Party condemns all violence, terrorism and territory invasion at any place in the world be it at Arakan State Myanmar, at anywhere else in Myanmar or any other place in the world.
As instructed by Party,
Nay Myo Wai
Peace and Diversity Party
Credit : The Voice Weekly
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