Saturday, June 16, 2012

Excerpt from Interview with Dr. Aye Maung by True News Journal


“The western gate of our country is safeguarded by the lives of our Arakan civilians for decades. However, there are many bribery happening on the side of government. [Bengali Immigrants] bribed the government officials to get what they want [identity cards, release after crimes]. These root events has been happening for centuries.

The main mistake is made by election candidates who wanted to win more votes and hence, they brought in many new Bangali Immigrants into Myanmar. Due to these mistakes Maung Daw is surrendered to Bangali illegal Immigrants.

Our stand is that we won’t give even an inch of our land to those illegal Bangali Terrorist Immigrants. We won’t give up our land, our breeze, our water which are handed to us by our ancestors.” said by Dr. Aye Maung.
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