Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thailand's Andaman coastal provinces on tsunami alert

The Nation

Thailand's disaster centre on Wednesday put provinces along the Andaman coastline on watch for a possible tsunami after n 8.7 magnitude earthquake struck off Indonesia's Aceh province.

People living in provinces along Andaman provinces were advised to evacuate to higher grounds.

National Diaster Center's director Somsak Kaosuwan said "We are still monitoring the situation but we’ve told the Andaman provinces to be on alert," he said.

Meanwhile Disaster Expert Dr Seri Supaprathit

The Information and Communications Technology Ministry has issued an urgent warning for people living on Andaman coastal areas in southern Thailand to evacuate following a 8.9-Richter-scale quake in Indonesia.

The US Geological Survey said the epicentre at a depth of 33 kilometers was at the west coast of northern Sumatra in Indonesia at 3:45 pm Bangkok time.

A tsunami watch was issued for countries ranging from Indonesia toThailand, India, Australia, the Seychelles, Somalia, Oman and SouthAfrica, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.

The US Geological Survey earlier put the quake at magnitude 8.9.

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department has issued an urgent warning for people living on the coast of six southern provinces to evacuate, the areas would be hit by tsunami starting from 5:09 pm.

Anusorn Kaewkangwal said residents of Ranong, Phang Nga, Phuket, Satun, Krabi and Trang were told to clear the coastal areas before 5 pm.

He said Koh Miang of Phang Nga would be the first to be hit by tsunami at 5:09 pm.

Then, the giant waves would hit Karon and Patong beaches in Phuket and Phi Phi isalnd in Krabi and Jao Mai and Paliang beaches in Trant. Ranong and Satun would be hit by the giant waves later, Anusorn said.

Meanwhile tourists and workers at the Patong Beach urgently evacuated to higher grounds after the tsunami sirens at the beach sounded.
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