Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Singaporeans feel tremors from 8.6-magnitude Aceh quake


Singaporeans across the island felt tremors after what is believed to be the aftershocks of a magnitude 8.6 earthquake hit the waters off westernmost Aceh, Indonesia.

Residents and office workers in the East side of Singapore, including Changi, Eunos, Marine Parade, and Bedok said that they felt the ground shake for about three minutes around 5 pm on Wednesday.

The local Meteorological Service has confirmed that a 8.7 magnitude earthquake occurred at about 4:40 pm in Northern Sumatra 1,242 km away from Singapore.

A joint statement from the Police and Civil Defence force said that they received 38 calls from the public reporting the tremors. The statement advised the public not to panic, and to be calm if they feel any tremors and report any gas leaks or damage to buildings they might see.
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