Thursday, December 1, 2011

Full text: Obama letter to Myanmar's president

Naypyidaw, Myanmar (CNN) -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton personally delivered a letter from President Barack Obama to Myanmar's President Thein Sein Thursday. Here is the letter in full as released by the State Department:

His Excellency

Thein Sein,

President of the Union of Burma,


Dear President Thein Sein:

I am pleased we had an opportunity to see each other in Bali (Indonesia), at the U.S.-ASEAN Leaders Meeting two weeks ago. I am encouraged that under your leadership your country has undertaken several encouraging steps on the path toward reform.

I have asked Secretary of State Clinton to visit your country to discuss your vision for reform, explore how the United States can support and advance your efforts to transition to democracy and promote protection of human rights, and talk directly to your government and citizens about prospects for enhancing relations between our two countries. To that end, she will engage your government about our continuing concerns in the spirit of mutual interest and mutual respect. There is much work to be done, and as Secretary of State Clinton and I have said previously, the United States stands ready to serve as a genuine partner in your effort to achieve lasting change.

I appreciate your government's help in planning and preparing for this milestone visit. I look forward to hearing the tangible outcomes of Secretary Clinton's discussions, which we all hope will put us on a path to a new phase in our bilateral relationship.


Barack Obama
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