Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WAO's Acknowledgement to U Tin Oo

WAO-HQ-10/17/2011-On behalf of World Arakanese Organization, WAO-U.S.A. officially sent a thanks letter to U Tin Oo, Vice President of National League for Democracy, as the regarding of his talking about illegal Chittagongnian Bengali Muslims during an explanation of his life experience with Radio Free Asia (RFA) on October 3, 2011.

We, World Arakanese Organization, value his elucidation and his information is very important to us.
WAO’s acknowledgment letter has stated “We want to express that we are in good pleasure and satisfaction in heart for your shedding lights on the controversial problem of so-called “Rohingya Ethnicity” of the Arakan State in your talk on the broadcast of Radio Free Asia on October 3, 2011.  Your mention makes clear that these Bengali Muslims are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh (then East Pakistan). We Rakhine people are mostly aware of the powerfulness of truth and virtue.

As you have explained we want to declare once again that the Arakanese and their homeland, Arakan have never been a collective name of Arakanese, who call themselves Rakhine in their language and those Muslim immigrants, as some diplomatic missions of the western countries including the State Department of the United States are confused about all the difference.

You send a message to our people most highly recommended of your experience in the Arakan State in the chance of getting a general assent in principle to the sensitive problem the whole nation of Union of Myanmar has been facing for many decades. Doubtless you will be highly honored by our people in our history.”

This letter dated on October 6, 2011 was sent with signature of U Sein Tun, President of WAO-U.S.A. and Vice President of WAO, by WAO-U.S.A.

Sources: WAO
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