Wednesday, November 23, 2011

U Shwe Zan Passed Away, WAO Sent its Condolence

Photo of U Shwe Zan (1928-2011)

WAO-U.S.A.-10/21/2011- World Arakanese Organization received a massage “U Shwe Zan Passed Away” and sent its condolence to U Shwe Zan family who lost its beloved one at 4 a.m on October 20, 2011.

U Shwe Zan was a well known as educated man, scholar and researcher who loved the Arakan. He wrote many articles and some Arakanese chronicle books. He also served as editor and advisor for several Arakanese magazines local and aboard.
The Golden Mrauk U, Written by U Shwe Zan

He graduated B.Sc. from Rangoon University   in 1952. He joined Civil Service (Sr.Br.) in 1954. And he served as officer for several positions at different States and Division in the Union of Burma/Myanmar for 24 years.

He was selected as a member of Arakan State Peoples’ Council in 1978 and served as Secretary of State Council for two successive terms and Chairman of the State Judges Committee for the third term.

During his servicing in Arakan State Peoples’ Council, he took responsibility as Editor and Publisher of Arakan State Magazine, A Guide to Mrauk published in 1988 and Arakan State Gazetteer comprising (5) volumes were printed and delivered to Townships Peoples’ Council by Arakan State Peoples’ Council.
He left his wife Daw Hla Khin, Six of Daughter and Son and Four of Grand Son and Grand Daughter.
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