Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thaksin: Govt not do anything to benefit me especially

The Nation

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has call on Thais to have reconciliation and express confidence that government of his sister will not do anything to benefit him especially.

He was referring to the draft royal decree to seek royal pardon for convicts on His Majesty the King's birthday.

Following is his letter written in English sent to the media:

Dubai, U.A.E.

20 November 2011

Dear Fellow Thai People,

As our country has been going through a crisis from the big flood, I am concerned and want our country and all Thai people to pass through this crisis quickly and that requires harmony and reconciliation in our country in order to overcome this natural disaster. I support all measures that will lead to national reconciliation and do not want to see any attempt that will sour the atmosphere and I am prepared to sacrifice my personal happiness even though I have not received justice during the last five years. I will be patient for the sake of the people.

As the Royal Decree which will provide for annual royal pardon is being proposed and as H.M. the King will become 84 years' old this year, and as there has been rumor that my name will be included in the list of individuals to be proposed for royal pardon, I trust in the principle that the government will not do anything that will benefit me or any individual specifically. Moreover, any action to be taken during this period of time must be merely taken so as to bring national reconciliation to our country and to overcome the crisis due to national disaster from big flood.

As H.M. the King has been ill, we must certainly not make H.M. the King worried and I am confident that our Prime Minister shares my belief and intention.

With respect to Thai people who have supported and cared for me, please don't be disappointed as when the light of justice emerges, all will be settled as the country will not be under the state of conflict forever.

Finally, I call upon all parties who truly love Thailand to know the words "forgive and forget" by forgiving each other and forget the past in order to face new dimensions of tomorrow for the sake of our country and younger generations.

With Best Regards

Police Lt. Col. Thaksin Shinawatra
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