Friday, November 4, 2011

TaTa Young: Mini Concert ...... One Love @ Chiang Mai.

This series of photos shot on the 5th May. 51 the past.
Made a series of photos. Dancer .... The earlier series intended to present a single Dancer.
... So no pictures of Tata in the series ... One Love One Dancer.
Thus, this combination will offer the same, but Tata is content to do it wholeheartedly.

I watch it with Tata .... One Love @ Chiang Mai.

The anecdotes I tell you before, as a pro. That is.
Concert photography. Where it was shot .. (I had to sit), we need to choose a location before the show. And the singer before he handed the microphone or hand held microphone, so if he holds his right hand. I have to side with his hand held.
Tata is also likely to be right-handed. We just need to stay on the left side of the singer. (About me).

But this case has chosen not to. I was shooting left hand. It went straight to the right of Tata.
.... But not able to go pick up a camera on the opposite side. Both the fans. Journalists and photographers.
... Oppose the stand that there is no channel to capture it.

Therefore, the Tata holding the microphone with his right hand. This picture is about.

But now the singer. They hold the microphone switch and two hands.
(Do not know ... I view my photography. I do not know when the hand 555).

So I need to shoot the Tata holding a microphone in his left hand.

If you wait to hold the microphone with a hand that does not obscure the picture. I have to wait to turn back now.

The hand-held microphone, whatever. The singer turned straight. The camera position.
If you go in the middle of the stage. The singer is standing center stage, as most do.
This might be about it.
.... A good position to shoot, they should go on the side either side of me .. but as the front.
The best way that I should see someone behind him to cover the full. ... Of this I have to share my appreciation. Not that I like to shoot other people, I would sit and watch passively. Or want to share some pictures around it.

I was told to come with their own excuse for him ... that I have pretty much Tata.
(Go go dancer and I 555).

Come together like it.

Solo songs are mid-range shooting to a full band at all. The singers often do not hold the microphone up. May have to play to the audience. I capture the moment I do it for fun now.

Tata Young's song One Love.

Say hello to the audience in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor.
Hui Hui Ha ... ha .... viewers on the top floor with a view to gain 2 to 555.

4-5 this play with the shadows in the background look a little bit.

Tata wants to keep her with me .. Oh, not many people here. She wanted to keep them both.

Dance music started as soon as it comes with a little bit like it's Tata.

Dancer and dance style kimchi ...

With his style kimchi Dancer Dancer girl would have been sandwiched.

The dancer must have a picture pretty as a picture from the 555.

Lawrence's style of Tata แd๊ well.

With all this, and I like it.
Thanks to the team manager of the mini-concert to watch Tata Young Tata Young and the Dancer --- Thanks for the fun. And give me a shot.
I appreciate all your images before you finish it up and include others. That I watch ....
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