Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tale of a united Pakkret

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When it became obvious two months ago that the Chao Phraya River would certainly burst its banks, because all northern provinces had already been flooded, Pakkret Municipality and volunteer residents began to build a strong earth embankment, as well as a sandbag dyke, along Wat Kru Road, which runs parallel to the Chao Phraya to the north of Pakkret.
Earth dyke along Chao Phraya river.
Residents along the Chao Phraya River whose houses would certainly be flooded out did not mind the inconvenience of the early days, when their houises were only partially flooded  and  they had to climb over the high flood barriers  to the road.

However, as the Chao Phraya rose higher and higher the riverside residents finally had to leave their homes and sought refuge in shelters provided by Pakkret Municipality, or with relatives. It could be at least two months before the situation returns to normal.

When it was reported that Khlong Prapa dyke was breached 12 days ago, Pakkret Municipality immediately put up an earth dyke along the canal to prevent Khlong Prapa overflowing its bank on the Pakkret side.

However, Pakkret's Muang Thong Thani was still inundated for two days when an MP from the opposite side of the canal led angry residents in seizing a Pakkret Muncipality digger and destroyed a section of the dyke, allowing Khlong Prapa water to flow in.

Only after the intervention of a Nonthaburi Pheu Thai MP, and with the help of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra who phoned to instruct the wayward MP to desist, was the Pakkret Municipality able to plug the breached earth dyke.                        
Khlong Prapa dyke strengthened.
The Don Mueang side residents did not see the flood subside, as they expected, as the northern runoff inundating Khlong Prapa was too great. Their angry action was all to no avail and was refrred to derisively among Pantip.com users as the "Don Mueang Model".
When the Khlong Prapa dyke was breached again by angry residents at Lak Hok, raising the water level in the canal, Pakkret Municipality decided to construct an earthern ramp on Chaeng Wattana Rd itself two nights ago, to prevent rising water from Khlong Prapa inundating Chaeng Wattana, along with northern runoff,  to cross over Khlong Prapa intersection into the Pakkret side.

For the past two days, Pakkret Municipality has been  strengthening the earth dyke along Khlong Prapa on the Pakkret side, and the work continues.

I am proud to live in Pakkret Municipality.

We will survive together.

And thank you to Pakkret Municipality, its hard working officials and all the volunteers who so willing came out to save our community.

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Earth ramp built on Chaeng Wattana Rd.
Water level behind earth dyke is as high as 1.5 metres.
Thanks for all, all for one.
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