Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mixed reception in Don Mueang for PM

The Nation

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Thursday received mixed greetings from people affected by serious flooding during an inspection trip to Bangkok's Don Mueang District.

Yingluck spent two hours on a boat inspection and dropped EM balls in the floodwaters, which are starting to show signs of pollution. She also distributed relief supplies to flood victims.

More than 400 Burapa community residents cheered as they welcomed the PM, saying they would survive now that the PM had come to visit them.

However, at the Kosum Ruamjai market, 500 people converged to wait for the relief supplies. Many shouted angrily after receiving nothing. "We were told to come out for the supplies but there is not enough for everyone,'' one man said.

At Don Mueang Technical College, which serves as an evacuation centre but has been flooded, 200 evacuees who have had to move up to the second floor, shouted for help as Yingluck passed by. They told her they were facing difficulties as no officials had turned up to help them. They could not go anywhere because the boat trips were very costly.

Yingluck later said that although the public had shown both support and anger, she would not be disheartened because she understood the public's plight. She admitted that she was stressed sometimes but said she would be patient.

She said she had done nothing to prevent water from flooding her house, which is on a road parallel to RamIntra expressway. Her house is one metre higher than the road and if the water rises to higher than that level, she would let the water in.
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