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A Giant Gecko Worth $19 Millions, a Surprising Business 86

Amazing, this word came out from my mouth after read the headline in my local newspaper. There was a teenager found a giant gecko on the border of Nunukan (Kalimantan Island and Malaysia). His name Arbin. With weight around 64 kilograms. Maybe this was usual news, but there is something make me surprised. This giant gecko worth $19 millions. Tribun kaltim newspaper was covering this news. After that many entrepreneur or business owner make a phone call Tribun Kaltim to get information about this gecko. But unfortunately this giant gecko was sold by someone from Indonesia. Arbin said that this gecko brought to China. Although this animal has sold but there are many people still want to buy this gecko with the higher price. They don't get much information from Arbin. Another thing which makes me surprised was there's a man who want to buy this gecko $2,7 millions per ounces. You can calculate how much money he will spend only for a gecko. His name Andi Makkuraga Hidayat. He is gecko entrepreneurs. Almost three years he ran this business. So far the largest gecko which he was bought around five kilograms. Please take a picture below, how big this gecko.
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Compare with this gecko

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A Surprising Business

This was become great business for the people in my country . They have a new job as a gecko's hunter. But not all the people interested with this animal. People who have passion to get a lot of money and use the good chance. They use their leisure time to hunt the gecko. Most of them who live in the village which there are many trees. And they also hunt this animal in the forest. There are a lot of information which said that this animal worth thousands until hundred thousands dollar. During this time, the voice of gecko is often used to predict the weather. but recently the demand for these reptiles are higher than before. I get some information about the list of the price of gecko:
  • 2.5 ounce (7875 grams,) worth $550
  • 3 ounce - 3,6 ounce (85.05 grams - 102,06 grams) worth $5500
  • 3.7 ounce - 3.9 ounce (104,89 grams - 110.5 grams) worth $8300
  • above 4 ounce (113.4 grams) worth $11000 per ounce
Many people hunt geckos because it has become one of Indonesia's export goods. Each day about 3,000 geckos were exported. There is a farm which produce geckos. This farm located in Probolinggo, East Java.Beside as a farm, the owner of this place also as an exporter. To meets the demand from China, Japan and some countries in Southeast Asia. These geckos have dried in this farm. However, not all geckos can be exported. Gecko which weight above 3.5 ounces.
The owner of the farm is Didik. His father also has gecko breeding business. He always exported geckos in China, Taiwan, even Japan. He got $33000 every month, with 200 employees. He starts his business from 1990's. Right now he became gecko entrepreneur.

Gecko's Farm

Gecko's for healing AIDS/HIV

AIDS/HIV is deadly disease.Because theres is no medicine to cure AIDS/HIV. I found an information that gecko can be cure AIDS/HIV. If it's true, I think this is a wonders of medicine world. But unfortunately I can't get good reference about that. Many people said that gecko as an alternative solution for AIDS/HIV. But the geckos has meet the limited weight about 4 ounce. the oldest of gecko and the largest one has much more enzyme. I also heard that gecko have booked by Japan and Taiwan people as a medium of AIDS drug research.

Many people believe that gecko also as an alternative for itching and asthma medication. It has believed for a long time ago. I hope it really can be cure an AIDS/HIV. I wish the best for good purpose, especially for mankind...amen.
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