Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fire Destroys 200 Houses Leaving 800 People Homeless in Arakan State


Rambree: A fire that broke out in Kyauknimaw Village in Ramere Township in western Burma’s Arakan State has reportedly scorched 200 houses and left 800 peoples homeless in the village.

“The fire started at around 9 pm on Tuesday (1st of November) after it started in a dried shrimp factory that boiled and dried the shrimps in the village and could only be put out after 2 am”, said one of the villagers. He said the fire engulfed one house after another as there is no fire-engine in the village.

“It is a rural village and there is no fire-engine here, so the fire swallowed up one house after another in the village and we ourselves had tried to put out the fire”, said the villager.

However there was no human casualties, though some people were injured because of the fire.

He said that the villagers who have lost their houses to the fire are now sheltering in the local schools and their relative's houses in the village and nearby towns.

“There is no emergency shelter or relief given by the authorities to those who have become homeless because of the fire and they are now sheltering in schools and relative's houses taking food offered by their fellow villagers who's residences survived the fire”, he said.

A fire also broke out in Kyauknimaw Village in Ramere Township on the 15th of February 1998, leaving 1,200 houses destroyed in that instance.
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