Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PM's address on flood

PM's address on flood

Bangkok may be submerged from 10 centimeters to 1.5 meters although the government is determined to minimise the inundation and duration, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said.

Yingluck made a candid assessment on flood control in a televised speech Tuesday's night.

"A worst scenario of flood may happen due to one of the three factors - breakdown of embankment, collapse of levee and higher-than-expected overflow," she said.

She said run-off from the North has moved to the Central Region. Massive water volume in the Central Region is, in turn, passing Bangkok on its way to drain into the sea.

It is likely that the water will overwhelm the existing capacity of floodgates and dykes, hence it is highly possible for water to overflow into inner, middle and outer Bangkok.

The prime minister said high risk areas for flood included those near Chao Phraya River embankment, those close to dykes and those outside the flood walls.

She said the inundation, if happens, would hinge on two factors - water management and geographic terrain of each locality.

In western Bangkok, the government has mobilised all resources to control the water from Pathum Thani and Nonthaburi attacking Bang Kruai and Bang Phlat in Thon Buri.

Water would be drained via Masawat Canal linking two rivers, Chao Phraya and Tha Cheen.

Inundation in Thon Buri is estimated to be around 50 centimeters.

In northern Bangkok, the sluice gate on Prem Prachakorn Canal has been opened to lessen the water flow and inundation in Don Mueang, Lak Si, Sai Mai, Bang Sue, Bang Khen, National Memorial and two main

In eastern Bangkok, Min Buri, Nong Chok and Lat Phrao will see water diverted via three main canals, Rapheephat, lower Hok Wa and Saen Sap, to drain into the sea.

As the eastern parts are located on the water route, the inundation may rise to one or one and a half meters.

The government will try to divert water from Rangsit Canal to lower Hok Wa Canal in order to minimise the water volume reaching inner Bangkok areas.

In regard to the shelter at Don Mueang, flood victims will be relocated to other shelters located in Bangkok and upcountry.

The storage of relief supplies will be moved from Don Mueang to Chan Yingyong Building at the National Stadium.

Contributions for relief supplies can be made at the National Stadium beginning Wednesday.
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