Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nonthaburi vendors adapting to flood

Bangkok Post

Nonthaburi wet market near the landmark clock tower was without its usual bustle on Thursday, as volunteers and local government workers fought against time to build up the floodwall against the rising Chao Phraya River.

"Nonthaburi never really gets flooded, so I'll still come here to sell my fruit again tomorrow,” said an elderly Chinese-Thai vendor. Next to her, a small gold shop was increassing the tempo of its efforts to build a water barrier.
Vendors in Nonthaburi province are building up floodwalls in preparation for potential flooding on Oct 20, 2011. (Photos by Achara Ashayagachat)

A desserts vendor said: "if we survive today and tomorrow, we will be safe. Today the current is so strong, which is in fact good for pushing the water out to the sea, but it also causes people to worry.

"Tomorrow, there will be another (Chao Phraya) rise in the afternoon,” said a 50-odd-year-old vendor.

If people would only use their ears and eyes, and do panic, they could adapt to the changing situation, he said.

Several shops have piled up concrete block barriers against the water in front of their tiny doors. But few people were hurrying to work as rumors quckly  spread that the dykes near the Corrections Department collapsed. In fact, water had only seeped through, and there was a lot of splashing because the current was very strong.

This morning, Prachachuen residents near Dhurakit Bandit private university woke up before dawn and went to see for themselves the level of the water in the waterworks canal, as news reports said the Pathum Thani barrier had already broken.

However, the roads nearby remained dry, but along the flyovers, particularly on the way up to the Expressway, a lot of cars were seen parked to escape the water at the owner's home.

Parking lots in nearby department stores including Central Rattanathibet and The Mall Ngamwongwan have been full since yesterday.

Some residents, especially the elderly and  minors, as well as shops in Soi Raewadee and surrounding areas, have temporarily moved out, to escape the potential flood, but the majority of the locals stood ready, determined to face down the approaching water.
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