Monday, October 31, 2011

Govt reins in prices of flood-related products

Bangkok Post

The government has announced recommended prices for flood-related products to prevent hoarding and profiteering, Deputy Commerce Minister Phum Saraphol said on Monday.
"After the Commerce Ministry added flood-related products to its price-control list, the Department of Internal Trade hasa set recommended prices for prevent people from hoarding," Mr Phum said.

He said the suggested price for of a 600cc bottle of drinking water was no more than seven baht, a 750cc bottle no more than nine baht and 1.5 litres no more than 14 baht.
Villagers run to receive drinking water packs dropped from a helicopter in Ayutthaya on Oct 12, 2011. (Photo by Pattanapong Hirunard)
Recommended prices for other flood-related products are as follows;

Twenty-five-kilogramme sacks of sand - 45 baht each

Cement blocks - 10 baht each

Life jackets - 450 baht each

Fiberglass boats for two people - 4,500 baht each

Fiberglass boats for four people - 6,500 baht each

Rubber boots - 200 baht a pair

Twenty-two-gallon water tanks - 350 baht each

Forty-gallon water tanks - 600 baht each

Water pumps - 4,500 baht each

"If traders are found selling flood-related products above the suggested prices, they could face seven years in prison and a fine of 140,000 baht," Mr Phum said.

He said the Commerce Ministry had asked drinking water producers in the North, Northeast, and South to send  as much as possible to the flood-hit Central Plains  to meet the rising demand and prevent traders from raising prices unfairly.
The layer chicken farm association on Monday said Thailand is not facing an egg shortage, despite reports to the contrary. The floods had damaged only about five per cent of  layer farms

Association chairman Manot Chutabtim said the current situation only “looks like a shortage” because people panicked by the flood alerts had been stockpiling eggs.

Domestic layer farms, with a capacity to produce between 28 and 29 million eggs daily, were encountering only limited problems.

Hens had died on only a few farms, but some producers had rushed to “decommission” some of their hens to limit damages.

Eggs are presently priced about three baht each.
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