Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Further losses seen as run-offs approach Bangkok

Further losses seen as run-offs approach Bangkok

The economic cost of the severe flooding is expected to increase further, as parts of Bangkok may not now be spared from the fast-rising water levels.

The government may, therefore, need a supplementary midyear budget for economic rehabilitation, said Deputy Prime Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong.

Nakhon Sawan governor Chairot Meedaeng on Wednesday's morning declared a state of emergency ordering immediate evacuation.

The water level rose additional 1.5 meters in the province.

Flood victims seeking shelter at the provincial administrative centre were ordered to move to the second floor to escape overflowing water.

Residents were advised to move their vehicles from flooded town areas to the Jiraprawat Army base.

The Dechatiwong Bridge, on the Asian Highway linking the province, was sealed off from traffic for fear of safety. It is feared that the strong water flow in the Chao Phraya River may have undermined the bridge’s foundations.

Sawan Pracharak Hospital had to shut down the power at one of its buildings. Patients were moved to higher floors.
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