Thursday, October 6, 2011

David Cassidy sues Sony over Partridge Family royalties

David Cassidy The show turned Cassidy into a 70s heartthrob
US singer David Cassidy has sued Sony, claiming he has not been paid royalties for sales of Partridge Family merchandise which bear his image.
The 70s TV show made Cassidy, 61, an international star. A string of spin-off merchandise included lunchboxes, magazines and board games.
Cassidy told broadcaster CNN that Sony had breached his 1971 contract which gave him 15% of sales. He is demanding "in excess of millions of dollars".
Sony has not commented on his claims.
Cassidy's legal action, which was filed at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday, claims Sony Pictures Entertainment and its co-defendants Screen Gems and CPT Holdings "have swindled Mr Cassidy out of his rightful share of the profits from The Partridge Family".
His lawyers claim that, during the show's run between 1970-74, Cassidy received an average of 30,000 letters from fans per week. They say his contract guaranteed 15% percent of net merchandising profits which bore his image while the show was on air.
It adds that merchandising has since generated "nearly $500m" (£323m).
Cassidy told CNN that his former manager told him he has only been paid about $5,000 (£3,228) for merchandise.
The legal action claims Sony has failed to provide Cassidy with financial statements for merchandising, or has "provided such accountings and reports only begrudgingly, inconsistently, inaccurately and fraudulently".
Speaking to CNN, Cassidy said: "It's just a matter of being fair and doing the right thing. Just be fair, be real, be genuine, don't be greedy."
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