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Breaking News! Help the victims of the flood. Dhammakaya Foundation.

our temple. Dhammakaya Foundation.
1. Sending bags in 23 provinces have already received more than 100,000 households and more than 20 million Baht
2. Send food to the victims and the Thammasat University Rangsit, 1000, with additional support if requested at any time.

3. The area inside the temple and the foundation for training. And construction. Some water. Can not hold it.

4. Preparation of a parking lot near the 150 acres for up to 5,000 cars from 12 October 0.54 / 9.00

5. To hold ground at the request of the government and 47 acres for up to 2,000 people from 13 October. 54.

(Only support the + bathroom + food + water + person tent. The government must provide shade tent, sleeping pad, rain + own + blanket).

Matt. Declare our temple parking.

Shopping malls and public areas were flooded up to the flap water barrier. The evacuation center at Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, announced to the public car park to our temple.

Rear Operations Center to assist the flood warning area, Klong Luang, Pathumthani near Future Park Rangsit Thammasat University Rangsit, Bangkok on Lamlukka area. The airport is on the Silk Road as a floodgate, Pathumthani, Klong Prao Beach home.

This area of the parking lot to help the flood victims. Of our temple.

Center to help evacuate flood victims. Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, announced that people living in evacuation centers to park your car in our temple, which is a safer area. To prevent damage to the flood. These people are not parking at the Absolute. However, some moved away. The fear is not safe.

The Rangsit shopping district. The sandbags were placed around the entrance - out of the mall. While the Silk Road area. Accelerate the masonry blocks. Placing sandbags. Prepare flood. But until now the situation is worrisome .- Thai News Agency.
Map showing the areas affected by floods in 2554.
แผนที่แสดงพื้นที่ที่ได้รับผลกระทบอุทกภัย 2554
* The color blue is the area affected by floods in 2554.

Director of the Office of Water, Bangkok. Lean water Bangkok. The usual.

Director of the Bureau of Sewerage, Bangkok, Bangkok is still safe, but acceptable if heavy rains over the water. Oct. 14-18, high precipitation and sea may result in a high flood risk, Bangkok.

She said the director of the Office of vision in water. Said that the Bangkok Situation is normal for the Bangkok area without problem in the community, waterproof units are affected. The Royal Irrigation Department Saen Saeb canal has water and drainage canals, water penetration, and trying to spread out to different parts of the reporters tried to ask whether the risk of flooding or Bangkok. Director of water resources that is also safe, despite the risk of rain. The drainage system while the car is well done, waterproof construction, Bangkok has more than 77 km in length and 2.50 cm in height along the river. It also has a higher level.

However, for large mass of water. Sea driven with high During the 14-18 October in Bangkok will affect or not. Need to see it. Rainfall amounted to much. The amount of water above it. Has coordinated with the Department. To determine the correct amount has always been accepted that if it does rain a lot. It is very risky.

Flow in the diversion of water around 8 billion delete m

Action Center to help flood victims (Spp.) indicates that the amount of water. Ayutthaya. The volume is about 8,000 million cubic meters (m) The government has tried to divert the water into the sea in two directions.
Way the sun. to be diverted into the canal between the river into Saen Saeb canal P Pat winter. Diversion into the canal Tachine Mahasawat. Canal Phasi. and down the canal to divert the hot Pho, Chachoengsao and Bangkok. This will cause a flood zone, flood Silk Technology Buri and Nong Chok.
But huge amounts of water would flow west to Pathum Thani and Nonthaburi and Samut that would affect the Nakhon Pathom and Samut. This is the diversion of water into the sea as soon as possible. The large mass of water. Metropolitan District. heaven will be joined again. Expected to arrive in Bangkok on 15 Oct
Diversion of water flow around the city.

Check flood the streets around Bangkok today.

I drive a car or stay in Bangkok. Look at it this way. You can monitor the water level on the roads around the city with a Flood Monitoring System by system. Click here
Measurement of water in the streets of Bangkok by the Bureau of drainage. Notice of the 71 stations around Bangkok.

The last flood 15:15 AM

Bangkok East remind the prime minister to address flooding.

Ms. Prime Minister Shinawatra has warned the public to look in the eastern area. Prepare the water to be flooded. But that is only 20-30 cm high water levels due to the joint County and City water barrier to slow water, including dredging canals. As planned. The rapid drainage. Can lower the water level in Bangkok.
While the cars blocking the water will accelerate the process to be completed within 1-2 days, the belief that Governor of Bangkok To address the water situation. Due to requests for further assistance. The installation of water points already.
The flood situation. People have suffered heavily.
Today's self. Monday Praiutts army commander Gen. tasty. To the helicopter. Drain water survey flight paths Tha Chin River. Since the West has not fully drained. So find a spot to dig canals and install pumps. In order to push the water along the canal to the sea as fully and quickly. This will push the water along the canal. Non-discrimination that would allow water to flow to you.

Rd. paralysis closed highway. 53-57.

General traffic on the road for Yothin. A range of 55-57 km of highway traffic is heavy and the car stopped on the cumulative length of 10 kilometers from the area at the 65 kilometer road, it did not work. Due to flooding more than 40 cm in a small car can not pass traffic. The water level in the Wang Noi district, last measured at 1.50 to 2.50 meters.
Highway Patrol officers last. Has announced the closure of roads arbitrarily Yothin road at Km 53-57, because of high water use is not. The path is closed from 08:30 pm onwards indefinitely. Recommended to avoid that path.
The police in the yard. Also recommended for those who want to avoid the path to the north and. East. By people who want to travel to the north. Advised to use Highway 304 at Bang Bua Thong - Suphan Buri - Chai Nat While those who want to travel to the northeast. Advised to use Highway 305 between Thanyaburi - Guards - Khoi. Or Highway 33.
Flood the streets. Heavy traffic jams.
The situation on the roads of Asia. Bang on the level of City Hall job. The water surface of all the traffic lane for a distance of 200 meters and a height of about 10 cm at the top of the high-tech industrial park is about 500 meters, but also a small car through. The last high-tech industrial park near the entrance to a cave entrance and then flooded. The car can drive through it. The entrance to the two cars are filling the soil into the water to block the entrance to all To prevent water from flowing into the estate, which is now the water is still high at this point. Due to the canal.

Why do people wake up to the city flooded.

The survey. Many scholars exultation of water .. people, wooden skewer transmission, Bangkok, 'I do not' that King did not spill over "crack" and that capital is critical. Flood situation in urban areas is a game created panic among the Ayutthaya Kingdom. Many of the symptoms. "News Floods overwhelmed the". I. and panic spread throughout the City quickly.

"I do not know why I go," said the voice of exultation, wooden skewer, former Director General of the Department. Today, even in his retirement. But a monitor to check the amount of water. The telephone Department staff in coordinating on a practical level, as an experience.

He explained that an audit of the Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan were flat. The Bhumibol Dam to release water. And Sirikit dams to reduce water levels at Nakhon Sawan is in the range 4668 m and during the following 1-2 days the water level will rise a little but not much. Because the water is flowing from the north to increase, so do not be worried too much.

The amount of water in the river.
After that, when added to checked. River water levels in the range 3660-3500 million cubic meters, which is considered in the balance. Rainfall region. River and rain but not much. I believe that. Flooding situation. Tends to increase indefinitely.

"I see everything. factor , both above the water level is not too worrisome. It does not rain as well. Therefore, analysis of all factors likely to increase. So the rest. It is to sustain and accelerate the cooling water to the sea. "

The situation in Bangkok, exultation he said. The water level in the Bangkok area may be increased slightly. The behavior of water is not dead. Is the normal tide. The cooling can be achieved. I do not know what the area around the outside of Bangkok, the East Coast could be affected by the water drain into the Gulf of Thailand it. However, unlike Ayutthaya or Lop.

"The flood water will not flood the outer Bangkok plunge County because of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Bangkok has a different style with a square flat area to spread into the Water. "

However, he believes that despite the flood of water suppliers. I like Nong Chok, Bangkok outer Buri Rangsit, Pathumthani, or in flooded areas, but rates Bangkruay trapped in a long time since Bangkok was designed to prevent flooding and to drain them well enough.

The area in Bangkok, exultation was quite sure. Flooding is not likely to spill from the river course. Because water does not spill into the Chao Phraya in Bangkok with a long stick, waterproof and strong. To the road. Designed to prevent flooding in Bangkok, so be it video, Bangkapi, Bangkok if the flooding is coming from the drain water from the rain over time.

Water canal in Bangkok. Normal.

l The water level in the canals of Bangkok last October 12 was found in a canal. A normal level. The water situation in the main canal in Bangkok. Also found in normal Khen the canal. Road, Bangkok - me. Canal water level is at 0.39 m store locator at 0.10 m water level Prachachuen Road, Klong Rangsit Road, Bang Khen (incoming) water level is at 0.73 meters, some carpet canal canal water level is at 0.65 m Chakpra canal canal: Product level is some rugs. At 0.75 meters, Canal Road, Kanchana, some rug capturing the camp. The water level is at 0.85 meters, some carpet Phuttamonthon canal water level is at 0.94 m 3 Canal, Sue Rama 5, the water level is at 0.92 meters.

Sue canal water level is at 0.13 m, Phaholyothin Road, Klong Bang Sue-Rangsit Road (inbound), the water level is at 0.03 m. Sue Rd Canal water level is at 0.12 m Bangwaek Canal Street at Memorial Apartments for line 1 (. Wat Chai Chimplee) water level is at 0.71 m ditch Bangwaek canal Taweewattana (pumping stations ditch some of the software) the water level is at 0.96 meters, the canal made the population Wandetwsuntr Don water level is 0.30 meters and 0.82 meters respectively Canal Length 0.32 meters. Khlong Maha Sawat. Phuttamonthon two water level 1.82 m 1.83 m at the river mouth of Khlong Saen Saeb canal water level 0.39 m Seri 24.

Update! Recent reports on the flood situation at 16.00 pm October 12.

Flood situation around Bangkok.
Metro Announced the closure of the entrance - from some point of time on each station.
1. Sue station entrance - the number 1.
2. Lamphong station entrance - the number 4.
3. Station Road entrance - exit number 2.
4. Station, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center entrance - exit number 4.
5. Rama 9 station entrance - the number 1 and 3.
6. Thailand Cultural Center station entrance - the number 3.
7. Huay Kwang station entrance - the number 4.
8. Sutthisan station entrance - the number 2 (the closing date of October 13, 2554).
9. Ratchada station entrance - the number 1 (the closing date of October 13, 2554).
10. Phrao station entrance - the number 1 (the closing date of October 13, 2554).
11. Station Rd entrance - the number 2 (the closing date of October 13, 2554).
12. Chatuchak Park station entrance - the number 1 and 3, only the common stairs. (Starting off on October 13, 2554).
13. Kamphaeng Phet station entrance - the number 3 (to start off on October 13, 2554).
14. Station, three blocks off the water district (Flood Gate) in the three stations. District level to the underground area. Connected to Chamchuri Square (starting off on October 14, 2554).
15. Silom station entrance - the number 1 (the closing date of October 14, 2554).
16. Lumpini station entrance - the number 3 (to start off on October 14, 2554).
17. Sukhumvit station entrance - the number 1 (the closing date of October 14, 2554).
18. Phetchaburi station entrance - the number 2 (the closing date of October 14, 2554).
However, the MRT train stations provide regular basis. Will close the entrance - a few points only. How to please you and apologize for any inconvenience caused at this opportunity.
Saen Saeb canal boat stop services for all routes.

Mr. John Chaowalit illumination methods to Saen Saeb canal boat. Had ceased to Saen Saeb canal boat in all directions. To open the way to Bangkok. Pump out the water in the canal. Prepared for the upcoming deluge of water flowing into the city in 1-2 days and will be available when It depends on the steps of Bangkok.

Metropolitan Electricity Authority Announced a temporary cut in some areas of Bangkok. Saturday, October 15, 2554 in Bangkok.

Time 8:00 to 15:30 am
- Soi Yen-2.
- The alley with a separate 42 and 44.
08:30 to 15:00 hours.
- Inventor of the street fair. The slitting area Nuanchan. (Village of Mani).

And Sunday, October 16, 2554.

Time 8:00 to 15:30 am
- Mall Road Rama 4.
- The Road The Road Pawn making in education.
Time 8:00 to 16:30 am
- Discussion on both sides of the road junction of Highway 9 to the alley and street Discussion and number of Soi Soi Suk Sawat 44 (Soi compounds I) reach the toll expressways Discussion.
Time 8:00 to 17:30 am
- From development through the bridge. Sivalai the village.
Time 8:30 to 15:00 am
- Slice off Navy Road Village property. Happyland Road.
Time 8:30 to 15:30 am
- From the road alongside the motorway. After the departure station, transit goods through the streets to celebrate the canal's ICD (company. Magic Transport).

Flood Category: Marketing experience. About 1 meter above the flood waters began to flood the bridge, Rama 4 Road traffic cassia.

Recent floods: Recent flood flood embankment height of 10 cm staff to make the sandbag barrier along the waterfront, the area of Ladkrabang now dotted with water, then 30 points.

The hydraulics that if I did not break the water barrier. Bangkok is sinking underwater.

Mr. Little served as Music Director of the Royal Irrigation Department. Measures to prevent flooding in Bangkok said that now there is a car blocking the river water. In Pathum Thani and Nonthaburi then. If the water does not break up or break down barriers that can prevent water influx floatable

The east side has accelerated the car for an additional water barrier. Which will affect people who live outside the country to block the water. But the government will take care assistance as needed.

However, they need the rain. The heavy rain could cause flooding and Bangkok. I warn people not to panic about a lot of water. But what is the best preparation.

Submit flooding in Bangkok. Flooded Rangsit.

Recent flood in Bangkok this morning.

Bangkok floods Daily News October 12, 2554.

After the trial of the drainage ditch between the amount of P shows more than 200 cubic meters per second. To help reduce the level of flooding in the lower central area. The water level in a floodgate east of Bangkok, both higher than the control level. The flood from flooding homes and farmland. Just as water in the canal, Rangsit Klong 1-6 with high bluffs. The officers and villagers have to stick up for water-resistant.

Drainage Canal during the experiment shows that the amount of P 217 cubic meters per second to reduce the water level of the Pa Sak Dam Jolasid. And water in Pathum Thani province, the water level in the area east of Bangkok. And the Rangsit canal. Began to overflow into the flooded homes. And agricultural areas already.

Flooded Rangsit.

In the area of ​​monitoring of water from Klong Rangsit Klong 1, Klong 6, the Rangsit - Nakhon Nayok Found that the same banks that some municipal officials have taken Thanyaburi Backhole car was speeding up the embankment to the water barrier at some point that may be vulnerable to flooding. In order to prevent flood water is overflowing into the Rangsit - Nakhon Nayok

He dedicated a village along the Khlong Rangsit Klong 4 in Pathumthani province Buengyeetho Thanyaburi. The sandbags have been distributed from the Municipality Thanyaburi. The car made waterproof. And moving objects. Used to be that high. However, due to the limited number of sandbags. Some people make. Choose to buy a concrete block addition to the vehicle barrier. The rise of folk about 60 cm to prevent water getting inside the house instead of the four canals were also calls for the government. Coordinator about the situation continuously. To be able to respond immediately.

The Royal Irrigation Department The people in the area warning residents of Klong Rangsit. The water flooded in Rojana Industrial Park. Students will flow to the Rangsit Klong 26 in the next 1-2 days before flowing into the canal during the irrigation must be made within 3 days, P shows the drainage of a canal between the PP shows on the West Coast to make it 1-6 to the Khlong Rangsit Klong Rapee. Pat can handle more water. This will give people in the affected area 1-6 Rangsit canal water overflow from the canal water level is expected to be higher than the road, less than 1 meter to alert the public to move belongings to higher ground for safety reasons, however, the water is. not flow out of Klong Rangsit. To create an impact on people living in Bangkok for sure.

The district Samkok. Pathum Thani. Department for speeding vehicles in the crash barrier at Chiang Rak Noi district and appeal within the center, shelter, disaster victims, Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, do not allow water to enter the area. The west bank of the river. Accelerated Irrigation Drainage Tha Chin River. By this time, a huge mass of water has come to ditch it's good. The flooded area Buddha. The overflow

This flood of Rangsit.

News of flooding in Bangkok.

Warning! Bangkok in 15 risk of flooding.

Previously, experts disaster. And Director of the Bureau of drainage. Match that predicted. Bangkok in 15 of the flood risk is low lying areas.

She said the vision the director of the Bureau of drainage. York said that if the three, water is water above the water and sea water along the way to Bangkok to Bangkok Risk of flooding in low lying areas because it is a pan pan The weaknesses and areas vulnerable to flooding, including all 15 of Sathorn. Chan Road. St. Louis. salute the invention, the Canal Road, Phayathai Rd - Sue canal, the canal from Sukhumvit Sukhumvit Road - Soi Lasalle, Sukhumvit Soi 39, Wattana, and 49. , Next. Of Klong Phrao - The Mall, Buengkum. Road Nawamin of the canal, Don Crow - the street life manu mission Din Daeng Road - Page Robinson, Chatuchak Ratchada - Separation Policy, Terms Petchburi Road Banthadthong - Intersection Bangkok, the Bangkok streets in the crystal. Makkasan, Bangkok Bangkok Rama 6 To market the project in China, the Bang Road, Soi 63 gauge purple, Yannawa Road cooler from the road Nanglinchee - Soi Sri practice, the penetration, Srinakarin Road, the canal, eye splash - Canal Tachgag and the Old City. Snamachi Road and Maharaj Road.

The BMA's response to rainfall full 1500-1600 cubic meters per second. The river has been 3500 cubic meters per second, but yesterday (11th Oct) in the district of Sai river. Ayutthaya. The amount of water flowing up to 3476 cubic meters per seconds.

4 drowned in the flood area.

It is reported that in the eastern city of Nong Chok Technology Buri and Klong Sam Wa, a vehicle barrier outside the water works. The water flows from the dam above the forest is slowing right. And expenses. Thani. Recently found that the houses have been affected by floods. Especially in the Gulf area. There are quite a lot of water coming into the area. Water into the canal and increasing the level until an overflow canal. The people who live in homes along the canal is flooded. Currently, there are communities that have suffered a total of 73 communities from all 89 public housing communities and villages around 3.

While Ladkrabang. The flooded areas are equipped with 30 points, 42 to the pump head for the coast road north. For Road and head south. The use of sandbags to block the drain plug. Orientation, is the water barrier. And by a walkway to the public. The Min Buri district. Were very keen on the Road to 9 of the flooding has affected 10 villages, 35 communities and homes outside the community, including two in 3637. family at Khlong Sam Wa. The Center has worked to support the victims of 18 points, and coordinate the private sector as a temporary car park into a golf course. intelligence. at the Fashion Island mall parking lot. And Safari World.

Flood protection works in Bangkok.

The Drainage Board. They also prevent flooding and Bangkok. Military build up and block water canal Taweewattana added after 1.8 m high.

The drainage of water daily to Bangkok, the situation indicates that the current water situation in the flood of Bangkok. It can be prevented. The water level in the canal and. In Bangkok. In normal conditions. The water level in the Chao Phraya River, Wat Pak Khlong market today (11 Oct) is at +1.92 m Rtk. (Sea level) of less than 88 cm water block units

The amount of water Tgaiekืeon XVI. The dam, Rama 6 and 4756 m / sec, down from 130 yesterday cubic meters / second, the amount of water flowing through the Bangsai 3560 m / sec, up from minus 379 days ago. m / sec.

The situation of water in the canal Taweewattana. Lord of community integration Pur. Taweewattana Canal Zone. The water level is at 1.80 m is expected to be higher. Last soldiers from the Army and Navy officers Taweewattana. Construction vehicles are entering to block water with sandbags and wooden barriers. But do not expect to have enough sandbags. The coordinator for the sack of sand.

Bang out the hospital and mobile medical unit. Municipal experience. It is to be proactive and coordinated public hospital at the head. If patients were to support one another.

News of flooding in Bangkok.

Bangkok Governor MR discreetly Bripatr species (BMA) and the area to the canal floodgate Taweewattana to keep track of the water. Thonburi area. Currently, the water level of the canal floodgate Taweewattana 1.58 meters at sea level. It also has about 80 cm of water was also considered within the normal range. And now has opened a floodgate to the canal to divert water from the river through the canal, the spot of Taweewattana. Baen canal. Klong Bangkok Yai, Klong Dao Kanong Chakpra and canals. To accelerate the drainage of Nonthaburi as a guide. Flooding problems.
Then travel to Pier, Siriraj Hospital. To inspect flood prevention and resolution by the BMA has added more sandbags to prevent flooding along a fixed 80 cm from the existing 2-meter area, Siriraj Hospital, which now has a 2.80 meter high flood. from sea level. It expanded to a wider sandbags to increase strength. And installing additional pumps. If you have water coming into the area. And emergency service units. Or Best. 24-hour surveillance of the area.
MR was the foresight on the part of the Siriraj Hospital, Thonburi and do not worry. Because for the protection and management as well. The four zones are concerned, the eastern Gulf Buri, Klong Sam Wa and Technology Department to release water from the dam lakes in the forest, a greater amount. People may have suffered from flood in the area.
Flood situation in Bangkok last step is critical. In particular, the water will flood my Oct 13-18.

News of flooding in Bangkok last October 11, 2554.

Today (11 Oct), Area Operations Center will open a separate issue of flooding in the east, which lies at the community Minburi city has plans to integrate and address the issue of emergency services. Shall be completed within 3 days before the water will rise from rain and water Tgaiekืeon to Bangkok to prepare a plan to address the other points to vulnerable areas.
"Now, all agencies have helped to lighten the load. Bangkok has an agreement with the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Area has been an increase in the number of water management in a more efficient, "said the BMA said.
While I'm a member of the City Suthathip Law Pa (• Queen Sirikit) Phasricharoen as Chairman of the traffic. Transport and Drainage Area Council, presided over the meeting of the 8 track to fix the dam-affected areas along the Chao Phraya River, Bang Na district office conference room. Inspect the area with water. Wat Bang Muang Road, District 63 officials from the Office of the drainage. And executive office with the following Bang.
He said that prevention of Suthathip. Bangkok to cope over the water and sea water backing up. Bangkae not related to the disaster area. But her heavy rains may cause flooding in some areas. The public should understand in order not to cause panic and anxiety. Concerns about flooding. It is also considered safe and can handle it - news of flooding in Bangkok, Thai News Agency.
Flood situation around Bangkok. Sandbag scarce and expensive.

Bangkok floods. Measures to address flooding in Bangkok.

Governor of Bangkok. Parse the response problem. Water resources through the online channel that effect.
Area Anti-flood Using the enclosed area. Construction vehicles are blocking the water surrounding the area. To prevent water from flooded areas, the influx. Capacity of the vehicle blocking a river. Can prevent the water level at +2.50 m above mean sea level (Rtk.) or rate of flow of water in the river, about 3000-3500 cubic meters per second.
The case of heavy rain in the construction of drainage systems. To drain water into the river. Capacity of the drainage system can accommodate up to 60 mm of rain per hour. If not, it will be flooded at some point it gradually. Gradually cooling down when the rain stopped. The cooling takes about 1-3 hours.
Bangkok flood footage.

Construction of the defense. Bangkok floods.

The east of Bangkok. Construction works. To prevent water runoff from the upper area of ​​Bangkok. And the eastern area of ​​the field length 72 km - The Chao Phraya River. Klong Bangkok Noi and Khlong Maha Sawat. To prevent water from backing into the flood waters over a wide area and along the Chao Phraya River, 77 km long defense line was completed 75.80 km, the rest will be completed in 2554 at the level of water in the river up to +2.50. meters above sea level. That has not been completed by sandbags as a temporary measure to prevent a high level of +2.00 m to +2.50 m above sea level. By the number of 4 million sandbags to prepare for. Bangkok's 4th district, the flood risk.
Bangkok Governor MR Bripatr foresight was revealed that the level of water in the river. The dam is at most 1.70 meters to 2.50 meters, which can be water confident. Resources to cope with the flood situation. However, it must be monitored at 15 to 17 October because the water will support more. Combined with water from the Bhumibol Dam to be contributed. The area of ​​concern is the Nong Chok district, Technology and the Min Buri, Klong Sam Wa, as well as 27 communities along the Chao Phraya Dam. Klong Bangkok Noi. And Klong Maha Sawat. Which he had ordered the officers of all agencies work together and ensure that the BMA will be able to drain the water. Bangkok is a giant tunnel to drain water from the East Coast. With all the preparation for evacuation. That do not have to close the floodgate, but if you ask them to turn to the notice.
Pictures flood in Bangkok. Search the latest Bangkok floods.
Bangkok Governor MR discreetly Bripatr species (BMA) to inspect the tunnel area of ​​the giant pumping stations in Bangkok Sukhumvit, Rama 9. And an interview later. This giant tunnel. Acting cylinder, drain and control water levels in canals reserved. Which is connected to the canal and canal views Saen Saeb canal penetration. The rain water drainage. Wastewater from the community in Klong Toey, Wattana Social Buengkum Kwang Min Buri and Nong Chok Penetration Technology Policy area is responsible for 360 km before draining into the river. Now the tunnel has been turned on at full speed for 24 hours with four air pumps make it possible to have the capacity to discharge 60 cubic meters per second. Combined with a pumping station on Sukhumvit 150 cubic meters per second. The pumping station has a total pumping capacity of 210 cubic meters per second. Or approximately 4 million cubic meters per day. If combined with other pumping stations in Bangkok will have a capacity of about 1,500 cubic meters of water per second or about 10 million cubic meters per day. The amount of drainage. Which is considered sufficient quantities to drain water and prevent flooding in the area of ​​Bangkok. And can be added if it is coordinated.
"I assure you. Pumping station of Bangkok. Not even close the door as it is. The floodgate opening depending on the capacity and size of each drainage channel. The community will be affected. If any agency needs to increase the capacity of the floodgate, the more water it can be done. Just need to coordinate in advance. Notices to the public in the area. Be prepared with the increasing amount of water draining from the station to be opened up, "said MR were sober.
This last flood.
It is also a concern during the period October 13 to 16 is driven into the sea to that of Bangkok. Said it was concerned in the area of Bangkok. The east. And outside the country in the 13 block area that may be affected. In addition, it ordered the district office in vulnerable areas prepare for evacuation. If the case flood height in the area. The area under the jurisdiction of a school place for those who have suffered along with. Prepare sandbags. In order to add more than 1 million of water in short supply, but now the problem is not only in Bangkok. But across the country - Thai News Agency.
The rules and evacuation plans. The City has prepared plans for the evacuation mission in this is the first step.
1. The flood mapping. The fields of western and oriental communities, waterfront community survey by 1.1 and 1.2 survey map of the affected households and registered 1.3 on the designated shelter area nearby.
2. The movement of the affected.
2.1 moving vehicle.
2.2 transport ships.
2.3 municipal staff personnel and Saturday Live.
2.4 Coordinate traffic control directions.
2.5 The movement of patients, people with disabilities and emergency medical rescue.
2.6 warning.
3. The center, which provides shelter and sleeping accommodation. The four factors. Living arrangements and support personnel provide information. Animals that migrated out, and a psychologist. The rehabilitation of the mind, which must be done immediately.
4. Center to coordinate the care of a residential property. Survey the damage. And support as well as the distribution of the receiver. donate and help. Approval of the budget between the relevant authorities. And I get a flood.
5. The restoration of the water, including moving back to the hotel. Financial support to repair the physical damage remedies. And the construction of additional water.
กระชาชนกักตุนเครื่องอุปโภค บริโภคเตรียมรับสถานการณ์น้ำท่วม
People started hoarding goods. Consumers to check facility equipment to cope with the flood.

Should a flood event.

1. When a flood warning. There will be approximately 3 hours prior to collection of motor vehicle or know. Should find a building to the parking lot. Check out the shopping mall.
2. The residential houses along the canal or the House. Clothing should be kept to make it easier to move. The refugees fled to the water. (For areas where the National Disaster Warning Centre and the Bangkok Post.)
3. To the store to buy food to spare. แนะนำว่าควรจะสำรองไว้เพียงแค่ 2 วันเท่านั้น เพราะเมื่อเกิดเหตุจริง The process of distribution of prepared food and drinking water. (I understand that. Rumors that he may have taken advantage of business used to make a profit. This is opportunism of some sectors only) for those who are confident they can stay at home. Should be prepared stoves and gas canisters into the water to facilitate cooking. It may have to cut the power.
4. To provide the necessary equipment should be prepared to use mosquito repellent with soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, drug identification generic shampoo, towels, candles, matches or lighters, flashlights, batteries, drinking water.
5. The battery fully charged. When I used to call it necessary.
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Chronology of the Press in Burma

1836 – 1846 * During this period the first English-language newspaper was launched under British-ruled Tenasserim, southern  Burma . The first ethnic Karen-language and Burmese-language newspapers also appear in this period.     March 3, 1836 —The first English-language newspaper,  The Maulmain Chronicle , appears in the city of Moulmein in British-ruled Tenasserim. The paper, first published by a British official named E.A. Blundell, continued up until the 1950s. September 1842 —Tavoy’s  Hsa-tu-gaw  (the  Morning Star ), a monthly publication in the Karen-language of  Sgaw ,  is established by the Baptist mission. It is the first ethnic language newspaper. Circulation reached about three hundred until its publication ceased in 1849. January 1843 —The Baptist mission publishes a monthly newspaper, the Christian  Dhamma  Thadinsa  (the  Religious Herald ), in Moulmein. Supposedly the first Burmese-language newspaper, it continued up until the first year of the second Angl

Thai penis whitening trend raises eyebrows

Image copyright LELUXHOSPITAL Image caption Authorities warn the procedure could be quite painful A supposed trend of penis whitening has captivated Thailand in recent days and left it asking if the country's beauty industry is taking things too far. Skin whitening is nothing new in many Asian countries, where darker skin is often associated with outdoor labour, therefore, being poorer. But even so, when a clip of a clinic's latest intriguing procedure was posted online, it quickly went viral. Thailand's health ministry has since issued a warning over the procedure. The BBC Thai service spoke to one patient who had undergone the treatment, who told them: "I wanted to feel more confident in my swimming briefs". The 30-year-old said his first session of several was two months ago, and he had since seen a definite change in the shade. 'What for?' The original Facebook post from the clinic offering the treatment, which uses lasers to break do

Myanmar Villagers Tell of 150 Homes Burned in Deadly Army Air Attacks

Artillery fire and aerial bombardments by Myanmar forces killed three civilians and burned scores of houses in their communities in mid-March amid fighting between Myanmar forces and the rebel Arakan Army in war-ravaged Rakhine state, villagers recounted Monday at a press conference. Villagers from Kyauktaw township in western Myanmar's Rakhine state discuss the government military's attacks on their communities at press conference in Sittwe, March 30, 2020. They made the comments after traveling from in Kyauktaw township to the state capital Sittwe to give testimony on a series of attacks on civilian dwellings amid a government-imposed internet shutdown in nine townships in Rakhine and neighboring Chin state, cutting off vital information about the fighting. They villagers accused the Myanmar Army of conducting an aerial bombing on civilian communities that destroyed about 150 homes and a monastery in Pyaing Taing village, while government soldiers on the g