Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bodies found as crocs move in

Bangkok Post

NONTHABURI : Rescuers retrieved two bodies yesterday in Bang Bua Thong as floodwaters trigger food shortages in nearby Bang Kruai and Ban Yai districts.

Crocodiles "arrested" on the flooded streets of Bang Bua Thong district just north of Bangkok.

The corpses have not been identified, but an earlier report said they are father and son. In Bang Bua Thong district, two crocodiles _ believed to have escaped from a farm in Sai Noi district _ were shot dead, and six others were captured.

Ruam Kantanyu Foundation volunteer Khemanat Iamsombat was told corpses had been found near Soi Wat Lat Praduk on Saturday, but his team could not reach the spot because their boat was out of order and rescuers needed police assistance to navigate the area and accompany them.

They resumed the search yesterday.

"The navigators must tell us whether there are power lines under the water.

"If boat propellers catch the lines, our lives will be at risk," Mr Khemanat said.

Rescuers from the Ruam Kantanyu Foundation on Saturday managed to collect four bodies from flooded areas in Bang Bua Thong district. They comprised three men and a woman.
Officers are investigating the cause of their deaths.

Also in Bang Bua Thong district, officials and villagers yesterday managed to catch eight crocodiles swimming on a flooded road. Two of them were shot dead.

Villagers earlier informed officials they spotted the crocodiles.

People were warned not to approach the animals, one of which was four metres long.
In Bang Kruai district, groceries and convenience stores along flooded Bang Kruai-Sai Noi road have closed after they ran out of stock.

Flood victims in many parts of the district are in desperate need of relief supplies, boats and shelter, volunteers say.

In Bang Yai district, more than 3,000 flooded houses in Baan Ua-arthorn low-cost housing estate and many villages are facing food shortages, said a volunteer at a flood centre on the Kanchanaphisek road near the Bang Yai market.

Meanwhile, mobile medical teams are treating flood victims in many areas in Nonthaburi.

Two teams gave medical services at Wat Tem Rak and an area opposite Kasemrat hospital on Kanchanaphisek road while another two travelled in four-wheel drive cars along flooded roads to locate people in need of help, said permanent secretary for public health Phaichit Warachit.

There are 13 medical teams with about 100 medical staff being sent to flooded provinces, he said.
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