Monday, September 5, 2011

Seminar Held to Protest Misuse of the term “Arakan”

San Lin
Yangon: A group of Arakanese have held a seminar in the former capital of Burma, Rangoon to protest the misuse of the term “Arakan” by people who are not associated with it.

“We held this seminar to protest against those who are misusing the term “Arakan”, as well as to raise awareness of the issue amongst our Arakanese communities at home and abroad”, said Laewady Than Maung, an organizer of the seminar.

Yangon-Rakhine-meeting The seminar held at the Arakan State Religious Hall situated on the Arzarnaybeikman Road in Rangoon.
The seminar was held from 2 pm to 5 pm last Friday at the Arakan State Religious Hall situated on the Arzarnaybeikman Road in Rangoon.

“We have found that the so-called Rohingya widely misuse the term “Arakan” for their own associations and when they are making up their histories of land, culture, religion and literature. They are abusing human rights to deceive and cheat the international community. They have even claimed that the kings of the Arakan Kingdom are the kings of their clan, and that ancient artifacts such as coins are evidence of their historical Arakanese heritage. Their desire to Rohingyanize Arakanese history has undermined the true image of Arakan, the authentic meaning of Arakan, and the dignity of the true Arakanese communities, so we have decided to hold this seminar to discuss a way to prevent this destruction of Arakanese heritage”, said Than Maung.

The seminar was attended by Arakanese intellectuals, historians, leaders and members of a number of Arakanese social organizations.

The organizer said they have vowed in the seminar to raise their objections to those acts destructive of Arakanese heritage not only in Burma but also in the international community.

He said that detailed documentaries of Arakan would be submitted to the UN, UNESCO, other organizations of the UN, the governments of Muslim dominant countries and other international governments including the USA.

It was also learnt that they have collectively denounced those Bengali Muslims who misuse the term Arakan with the express intention to Islamicize the land and people of Arakan State.

They have also urged the many Arakanese in exile and other ethnic nationalities of Burma to join and support their movement against the Rohingyanization of Arakan by the Chittagonian Bengalis who use international human rights standards as a cover for their fallacious statements and adoption of Arakanese terminology.
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