Friday, September 9, 2011

Pamphlet for Ottama Distributed Freely in Arakan

Sittwe: The Rakhine National Development Party, RNDP, has been distributing several copies of pamphlets that were published to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the death of Ven. Ottama throughout Arakan State, without any disturbance by the current government authority, said a party member.

rndp-pamflat This pamphlet is distributed by RNDP widely and freely.
In the past, authorities did not allow anyone to carry out such activities commemorating Ven. Ottama in Arakan or other parts of Burma on the anniversary of his death, which falls on 9 September.

A senior member of the RNDP said, "We have been distributing the pamphlets commemorating U Ottama at every township in Arakan State, but the authorities have not prohibited our distribution. We did not receive such opportunities in the past. We are happy because there is a little freedom right now in our area that we did not have in previous times."

The pamphlets are being distributed in many townships, including Rathidaung, Ponna Kyunt, Kyauk Taw, Mrauk U, and Minbya, where people are planning to observe the 72nd anniversary of the death of Ottama.

"Ottama is our hero who advocated for Burma's independence from British rule. So we published the pamphlets to honor him because he sacrificed his life for Burma's independence. I think everybody should remember his contribution to independence for Burma," the source said.

There are many valuable historic pictures of Ottama and his dictum on Burma's independence from British rule published in the pamphlets, he added.

Ko Aung Soe, a youth from Sittwe, said, "We received some pamphlets from RNDP and it is very interesting. There is not any problem for the distribution of pamphlets in Sittwe. Authorities knew of the activities of RNPD but did not disturb them."

However, authorities have not allowed the RNDP to honor Ottama on the anniversary of his death with wreaths and candles in front of the Ottama monument in Ottama Garden in Sittwe.

The RNDP submitted a letter to the Arakan State government requesting permission to honor Ottama on 9 September at his monument in Ottama Garden. "We have not yet received any reply from our state government on our submission. But we are going to be present in the garden to honor Ottama with wreaths and candles. We must go there to honor him as he is our hero and benefactor," the RNDP senior member said.
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