Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Andrew Lindo jailed for life for fiancee murder

Andrew Lindo Lindo continued to live in the house with the couple's children after the killing

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A man who carried on an affair with his lover after murdering his fiancee has been jailed for at least 22 years.
Andrew Lindo, 29, strangled, beat and stabbed Marie Stewart and hid her body in a suitcase at their home in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, in December.
His trial heard he had been living a double life, having several affairs.
Jailing him for life, a judge at Bradford Crown Court said Lindo had shown an "extraordinary and chilling lack of remorse".
Hours after killing Miss Stewart, Lindo took the couple's two young children to collect his latest lover, Angela Rylance.
She spent the night with Lindo in the bedroom where the attack on Miss Stewart began, unaware that her body was hidden in the garage two floors below.
Mr Justice Andrew Smith said the parole board would have to take into account Lindo's "extraordinary cunning and facility for deceit" before he was considered for release.
Marie Stewart Miss Stewart's body was found by police in the garage
The judge said Lindo's attack on Miss Stewart was "cruel and sustained".
He said the motive for the killing remained unclear, but it appeared Lindo's double life had finally caught up with him.
For seven weeks Lindo convinced his fiancee's family and friends she was still alive, posting messages through her Facebook profile and using her mobile phone to tell them she had left him and moved abroad.
But when they became suspicious, the police were called and officers found her body hidden in the garage.
The judge said statements from Miss Stewart's family were "truly moving".
He said: "The dignity and restraint that they have shown during this trial cannot disguise the enormity of what you inflicted upon them."
Music teacher Lindo admitted killing his partner but he denied murder.
He claimed he lost control following a row with Miss Stewart, during which he accused her of mistreating their daughter.
The judge said Lindo's allegations were "a deliberate and despicable fiction".
Speaking after the sentencing, Det Supt Dick Nuttall, the senior investigating officer in the case, said Lindo's behaviour had "inspired revulsion" among the most senior detectives on the inquiry team.
He said Lindo displayed "crocodile tears" in police interviews.
Mr Nuttall added: "Marie Stewart died at the end of a series of assaults which began in the bedroom and continued down three floors and ended up with her body been callously consigned to a bag in the garage."
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